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As amazing as it would be, it sadly seems unlikely that we'll ever see a big screen adaptation of The Walking Dead— I mean, imagine going to your local IMAX and watching Rick, Michonne, and Daryl tear down a mob of walkers on a massive screen in 3D, it'd be amazing, right?

But today we did get a glimpse of what big screen Walking Dead films might look like thanks to the official Twitter account for Skybound (Robert Kirkman's company which produces The Walking Dead comic). Working from the hashtag, Skybound has posted a whole bunch of slightly modified film posters which now star the cast of the show, and they're pretty hilarious. Check them out:

Rick on Mars

Just one man stuck on Mars with a bunch of stuff and thangs to do before he can get home.

Daryl Dixon bringing joy to all

Less of a film about a woman inventing a mop, and more of a story of a man mopping up walkers.

Fear the pacific

Not content to only include characters of The Walking Dead, Skybound also opted to include this cheeky nod to Fear the Walking Dead.

Move over Tom Hanks, Sergeant Abraham Ford is in town

Sent to Berlin during the Cold War on a mission to deliver an old fashioned ass kicking.

The worst of the worst

Skybound initially just made one of these, but due to fan demand they had to make a second to fit in all the least favorite characters on the show — did your most hated character make it in?

She will carry you to the gates of Alexandria

Just one Imperator trying to save a whole bunch of people.

There's no crying in the zombie apocalypse

Let's be honest, Michonne really is in a league of her own.

Can't get enough? Well take a look over here on Twitter to check out fan suggestions for , my personal highlights included Finding Coral, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Daryl, and Footlose.

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 11, 'Knots Untie' on Sunday, February 28 on AMC.

Which of these films would you be in line to see?

Source: Comicbook


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