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Guillermo del Toro smells a rat.

Sniff sniff
Sniff sniff

Jared Leto's rat, to be precise. According to a number of sources, the Suicide Squad star gave the peculiar present to co-star Margot Robbie during filming, as part of his method acting technique.

This means The Joker gifted Harley Quinn with a rodent. How sweet.

Leto was getting deep into his role through the method. Obviously murdering hordes of innocent people in real life wasn't really on the cards, so perhaps this was the next best thing.

The rat is not the only odd, Joker-like thing Leto got up to during filming. According to co-star Viola Davis:

"He had henchmen that would come into the rehearsal room with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, then he walked out."

Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang, told Collider in June:

"I did adopt the rat for a week, it's bounced from house to house."

Well that house now seems to be the home of Crimson Peak director del Toro, who recently tweeted this pic:

Let's zoom in on del Toro's Twitter pic. Are these rat ears?

In June, del Toro said:

"The rat is living with us in Toronto and he, and his massive ballsack, provide the house with great cheer and joy! We have re-named him Venustiano."

The rat had previously been called the humbler name of Splinter.

Collider speculated that the rat was named after Venustiano Carranza, who was victorious in the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century.

Ay Carranza!
Ay Carranza!

While he's now living happily alongside del Toro, Venustiano, like Courtney said, has also made a few other A-list friends:

Playing with Boomerang last year

Smooching Cara Delevingne

What's the weirdest thing Leto has done? Check out the 'Suicide Squad' trailer and comment below!

Source: Comic Book


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