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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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There are many things improved by magic in the world of Harry Potter, but let's be honest: communication isn't one of them. If your little darling was shipped off to Hogwarts, would you feel comfortable knowing that if they just happened to be butchered by a basilisk one evening that they'd get in touch via owl?

To be fair, the books are set in the '90s when the Internet was still only really just taking off in the Muggle world, but nowadays it would look pretty suspicious if all new Muggle-born students simple vanished from social media. Don't you wonder if by 2016, Hogwarts has taken the logical step to equipping itself with the latest tech? Well, wonder no more.

A Tumblr user going by the name of Jonathan Dart has confirmed the installation of Wi-Fi at Hogwarts and is chronicling his struggles on his blog, The Setup Wizard. As a Muggle, Jonathan is a bit of a fish out of water when it comes to this whole magic thing and his misadventures as he tries to figure out how to get the Wi-Fi working throughout the whole castle makes for some of the best fan fictions you'll probably ever read.

1. He was a little apprehensive on day one:

2. It looked like he'd need a lottt of Butterbeer to see him through. Oh wait...

3. He had more than a bit of trouble with the Room of Requirement:

4. And was pretty much banging his head against the wall with the teachers:

5. He started getting to know the students a little better:

6. But he's sick of the owls:

7. He finally found a silver lining:

Of course, he'll probably be 'obliviated' by the end of it all but for now, we can enjoy his brilliantly funny posts. You can follow Jonathan's progress here.

Do you think Hogwarts should have Wi-Fi?


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