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WARNING: Spoilers!

You're probably aware that a third solo Wolverine movie is on the horizon, with Hugh Jackman preparing to reprise his legendary role and go out with a bang before finally hanging up his mutant claws forever.

Although there's minimal information circulating about Old Man Logan, we do know that it will be loosely based on Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's eight-issue story — a tail that fans have been begging to see on the big screen for quite some time. However, what will be interesting is how Fox approaches the plotline, considering many of the characters are restricted, due to rights issues with Marvel.

Regardless, why not brush up on your Wolverine knowledge with these snippets of trivia that delve into the world of the 2008 comic arc? Here are some aspects from the books that would be totally awesome to see in the upcoming movie:

1. Old Man Logan Is Set 50 Years Into A Post-Apocalyptic Future

And a perilous one at that — where villains rule supreme, with territories belonging to The Abomination, Magneto, Dr. Doom and Red Skull. Logan only makes up a handful of survivors following the fall of the majority of superheroes — a time when most protectors were mercilessly wiped out of existence.

He is introduced living as a farmer in California with his wife and children on an area of land known as Hulkland.

2. Red Skull As The Deranged President

The self-proclaimed mastermind of the villains' conquest, Red Skull lives in a Nazi-inspired White House, wearing Captain America's uniform (drenched with his blood) and triumphantly collecting repulsive trophies of all the lost heroes. Later, the comic sees a mortifying moment when Wolverine decapitates Red Skull with Captain America's shield.

3. Wolverine Teams Up With An Elderly Hawkeye

At the beginning, it turns out that former Avenger Hawkeye is still alive, mainly because the team of supervillains didn't consider him enough of a threat to wipe him out. The blind archer recruits Wolverine to help him transport an unknown package across the United States.

4. Venom-Infected Dinosaurs

Among other obstacles, Logan and Hawkeye encounter an absolutely insane Venom symbiote-infused dinosaur that relentlessly stalks them. It bonds itself with a Savage Land T-rex and attacks the duo, before being stopped by Black Bolt with just one word.

5. Logan's Struggle With Violence

Having given up engaging in acts of violence, Logan refuses to whip out his claws and fight back when the Hulk beats the shit out of him in front of his son. If Fox ends up following this storyline, it will be interesting to see Jackman on screen with those claws totally sheathed. Although Old Man Logan is expected to be rather violent, we probably won't be seeing much of this:

6. Wolverine Slaughters The X-Men

Yep, that happens. Yet whether Fox can pluck up the courage to show Wolverine standing over a bloody pit of X-Men he murdered in blind rage, that's another story.

What else would you like to see in Fox's Old Man Logan adaptation?


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