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Sundance award winning horror The Witch isn’t the only film this year to deal with the topic of wilderness, and man against nature. Ireland, the home of myths and folklore is delivering its own take on the legend.


Pitching itself as Blair Witch meets the Wickerman, Crone Wood is a found footage horror film shot entirely on location in the forests of Ireland. The film introduces us to a newly formed couple who venture into the woods and discover that there are parts of Ireland that are still very loyal to their pagan roots.

The film is the feature debut of director Mark Sheridan and features the lead performances of Elva Trill (Cherry Tree, opening film Frightfest 2015) and new comer Ed Murphy. It is the first film to have ever been shot at the infamous Hellfire Club that sits overlooking Dublin. Legend has it that it was run by a satanic cult after the Devil appeared there one night.

When speaking on the challenges of working with found footage the director had this to say:

Too often we find these type of films with unlikeable characters and an over reliance on improvisation and loud bangs. If you don’t care about the characters then what’s the point? What we have made is a film that is strong on plot and story to ensure that the audience is held from the first moment to the final terrifying frame.

Shot over the course of 5 days and nights, the film promises to get under your skin and breath some new life (and blood) into what has lately been looking like a tired sub-genre.

For updates on the film and where it will be screening keep an eye on our the official facebook page!

Check out the trailer below and find out what happened in Crone Wood.


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