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Now, there are a whole lot of things to love about Deadpool, from Ryan Reynolds' endless stream of snark-filled whimsy, all the way through to the deliriously gratuitous ultra-violence that infuses the entire picture. Heck, it even features a decidedly comic-book faithful take on Colossus, and from the perspective of anyone who grew up reading X-Men comics (ahem), that's about as lovable as it gets.

Outside of the film itself, Deadpool has also managed to create something of a cottage industry of awesomeness — a space in which both official and unofficial responses to the movie can actually be just as awesome as Deadpool itself.

To celebrate what looks set to be Deadpool's third straight weekend at the top of the box office, then, here are...

Seven Of The Geekiest Responses To 'Deadpool' That We Saw This Week

Yes, he probably touched himself to all of them...
Yes, he probably touched himself to all of them...

First up?

7. Ryan Reynolds Shone A Light On The True Stars Of The Movie

No, not the production staff (though, y'know, they're heroes, too — more on them in a minute), but rather, the entire goddamned marketing team.

A.k.a., the folks who came up with all of those awesome viral thingamajigs we all loved so much, which likely played a huge role in the success of the movie.

Nicely played, Ryan.

Don't worry about everyone else who worked on the movie too much, though, since...

6. Fox Showered The Production Team With Chimichangas And Blow Jobs

No, not that kind of blow job.

Instead, Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos threw a massive blowout for the Deadpool production team to celebrate the movie's rampant box office success — featuring chimichangas, a mariachi band and shots called blow jobs.

Who knew you all had such dirty minds? I mean, really...

Next up?

5. Deadpool Gave Some Deeply Unhelpful Advice

And, via a very much "must-watch" video co-starring his old buddy Weasel, managed to demonstrate exactly why you should never ask a clinically insane mercenary for life advice.


Trust me, it doesn't work out well.

Meanwhile, in Canada...

4. A Reader's Letter To The Windsor Star Went Viral

So much so, in fact, that the original letter — which you can read right here — wound up accruing some magnificently over-the-top responses.

Just like Deadpool would have wanted.


3. Ryan Reynolds Dropped A Pretty Big Oscars Hint

Clearly next year's Oscars need to be hosted by Reynolds. In character. As El Deadpool. Entirely in Spanish.

Or, y'know, they could just give Deadpool that participant ribbon.

Reynolds wasn't the only one getting up to some Deadpool-related awesomeness, though:

2. One Fan Turned Herself Into Deadpool In the Coolest Way Possible

OK, fine, the coolest way possible would technically involve accidentally melding your DNA with that of Ryan Reynolds and a giant pile of Deadpool comic books, but in the absence of that possibility (thanks, science), this epic display of cosplay costumery is more than enough to tide us over.

Nicely played, Kay Pike. Nicely played...

And, finally?

1. RDJ and Chris Evans 'Civil War'-ed All Over 'Deadpool'

Y'see, it turns out that when Evans posts something like that, Reynolds just has to respond — which in turn causes Robert Downey Jr. to chime in...

...only for Evans to demonstrate that he — unlike Reynolds — isn't much like his on-screen character in real life:

Reynolds, though? He's definitely Deadpool:

Oh, Ryan. You sure are the (murderous, mercenary) prince of our hearts.

What do you reckon, though?


How much death could a Deadpool pool if a Deadpool could pool death?


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