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It's one of the toughest decisions in town, and one of the most divisive: just what should you watch this weekend? After all, barring the presidential primaries (which don't return until March 1), what bigger question could you ask yourself this weekend than what movie or TV show to give your valuable viewing time to?*

Choose poorly, and everyone'll fill your preferred social media with spoilers, and Monday morning will be a living hell of regret and actualized FOMO. Choose wisely, and you win the holy grail of modern popular culture: The Perfectly Self-Curated Cultural Experience Award.**

*Actually, maybe don't answer that...

**Note, this is not an actual thing.

And so...

Here's a Selection Of What You Could Be Watching This Weekend

Yes, Deadpool. You're on there. QUIT YELLING AT ME.
Yes, Deadpool. You're on there. QUIT YELLING AT ME.

First up?

'Gods of Egypt' Hits Theaters This Friday

Starring everybody's favorite one-handed Game of Thrones antihero, Jaime Lannister, this time with only one eye. With an all star cast also featuring soon-to-be-Black Panther Chadwick, soon-to-be-Elektra Elodie Yung and continuing-to-be-Gerard Butler Gerard Butler, the film looks set to be both geektastic... and potentially completely bonkers.


'Eddie the Eagle' Also Arrives On The Big Screen

In which Wolverine trains the kid from Kingsman to be not-entirely-terrible at sports.

Which sounds a little bit like a fever dream, but, y'know, the kind that will actually probably be a lot of fun. Maybe don't watch Cool Runnings right before going to see it, though...

Interested in something a little more serious, though?

'Triple 9' Is Incoming, Too


It's like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and AMC had a weird crossover event, and invited Kate Winslet to be the umpire. Which sounds fantastic, no?

Meanwhile, on a certain red streaming service...

'Fuller House' Is Coming To Netflix

And, let's be honest about this, we're all going to watch at least one episode, right?

I mean, if only for the chance to hear Bob Saget's dulcet (and barely-restrained from being gloriously foul-mouthed) tones again...

It's available from Friday, February 26th, and will most likely have been binge-watched by everyone you know by Sunday the 28th.


'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny' Hits Netflix This Friday

Which means that Michelle Yeoh is back on our screens, which is one of those unequivocally awesome things we hear so little about nowadays.

Also, there will be badass martial arts-themed stunts, and who doesn't love those?

Sunday Sees The Oscars Finally Arrive

Which means that you now have like three days to catch up on all the critically-acclaimed movies from last year that you haven't seen yet.

Or, y'know, start reading synopses on Wikipedia. Either way, the red carpet starts at 7pm (EST) on ABC, or an hour and a half earlier on E!

If you can't wait until Sunday, though, Saturday brings both the Independent Spirit Awards (IFC, 5pm EST) and the Black Women in Hollywood Awards (OWN, 10pm EST), so you can pretty much spend the whole weekend watching ridiculously talented people winning (and losing) awards, if you're so inclined.

Or, You Could Just Go And See 'Deadpool' Again

"Why, hello again America..."
"Why, hello again America..."

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with that. It's awesome...


What are you most excited for this weekend?


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