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Genevieve Van Voorhis

The Flash is back! Or he will be, on March 22. Check out the new trailer for the upcoming episode on the CW.

As the trailer opens, we hear Joe West declaring: "The Flash has gone rogue!"

Next we jump to a party scene, where a flash-like blur whooshes through the people gathered, and people find their wallets missing.

It's clearly not our hero, though, as the next shot is Barry Allen himself stating, "I don't want people thinking The Flash is a petty thief."

So who is this mystery racer? "A lady speedster."

An attractive one, too. Cut to Barry with a decent bruise on his face, saying, "Next time she punches me in the face, I'll be sure to get her number."


Will the Flash end up with this racy new woman?

Image Source: The CW


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