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Are you prepared for more shots of heads spinning about shoulders?

Brianne Howey from murder mystery series Scream Queen will be regularly starring in Fox's thrilling forthcoming show The Exorcist.

She will be playing Charlotte, who had been a ballet dancer before a terrible accident. Charlotte then becomes so strangely anti-social that her mother begins to fear she is possessed by a demon.

The series, written by Jeremy Slater, reinvents the 1971 book of the same name by William Blatty. If it's half as terrifying as the five Exorcist movies, released between 1973 to 2005, prepare to dive under the sheets.

Howey played Melanie Dorkus in Season 1 of Scream Queens last year. The character was President of a prestigious sorority before getting burnt by a villain called the Red Devil.

Watch a terrifying clip from the original 1973 'Exorcist':

Will you be watching Fox's 'Exorcist' reboot?

Source: Deadline


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