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Back in 2014, The 100 hit our small screens as the hottest new show everyone was talking about. And it's safe to say that a couple of years later, there's no change to the fascination this gritty sci-fi thriller brings.

One thing that has changed, though, is how the pivotal characters have developed over the three-season timespan. With the third season having just hit our screens, let's take a look at how different the characters look after all that time living on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

1. Clarke Griffin

Eliza Taylor brought to life her character Clarke as a reluctant medic, swiftly earning herself the nickname "Princess." Following her perilous journey and the events at Mount Weather in particular, she was completely transformed into a commander of death.

2. Bellamy Blake

Bob Morley's Bellamy caused quite the stir in Season 1, proclaiming himself as the leader of the Delinquents and behaving like a bona fide idiot. After a few rough experiences throughout the seasons, he was certainly taken down a peg or two and looked all the worse for it.

3. Octavia Blake

Octavia's transformation is arguably one of the most drastic. Actress Marie Avgeropoulos sees her character become far less reckless and embraces those Braveheart braids.

4. Jasper Jordan

Devon Bostick's Jasper waltzed onto the show as a goofy guy, but a series of losses and misfortune forced him to lose his funny side.

5. Raven Reyes

Although her appearance hasn't changed that much over the seasons, Lindsey Morgan's Raven has perhaps suffered the most. Not only was she tortured by Grounders and wounded by an explosion at Mount Weather, but she was also a victim of bone-marrow harvesting (ouch!).

6. John Murphy

After almost getting hanged, being forced into exile and getting recruited for a quest to the City Of Light, you're bound to start looking like Richard Harmon's scruffy character John.

7. Abby Griffin

At the beginning of the series, Paige Turco's chief medical officer struggled to find the boundary between her professional and personal life. But by the third season she had other problems to deal with — namely, her duties as chancellor and that of the Arker's doctor.

Who is your favorite character on the show?



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