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Batman is arguably the most popular superhero or hero of every kind- of all time! Once you see the cowl with the pointy ears, you know it's Batman (Na,na,na,na...) and with the how iconic Batman is, of course movie studios are gonna capitalize on that popularity as far back as the 1940's and there have been tons of films around the Dark Knight and his foes.

(Note: This is PART 1! I may update the list once Batman V Superman comes out, so i have a clear verdict for the list.

Oh, and i am gonna do a TV show Batman list, later on, and you know who's number 1)

Low End And Scum End: [ The 1940's Serials And Batman And Robin]

This was worse than 1960'S Batman!
This was worse than 1960'S Batman!
This is...a monstrocity! Jesus Christ!
This is...a monstrocity! Jesus Christ!

1940's Batman:

1940's Batman serials were...strange, to say atleast, Robert Lowery may seemed alright for Bruce, but for batman? Hell, nah! They were campy, but they were made in the 1940's, for crying out loud! And back then, the serials were done just to capitalize on the Crusader's comic popularity.

Batman And Robin:

You know, why this monstrocity is on this list, i know you do, mate. It's....not only the Worst Batman Film ever! But also on of the worst films ever.

Arnold S. as MR. Freeze making pun ice jokes. Wake me up from this nightmare.

Bad But Better Than BAR: [Batman Forever]

Batman Forever:

Remember that time Michael Keaton was replaced by Val Kilmer as Batman? It was horrible, right? Yeah, it was, and it still exists. The whole movie is a lot better than BAR, but still pretty awful, and lowered the bar, and HOW THE FUCK DID THEY REPLACE KEATON WITH KILMER?! Atleast they coulda hired a better actor, for christ's sake!

The Ones Before The Winners And Awesome Bat-Films [Batman (1989), Batman Returns, Batman Begins]


Tim Burton's Batman is one of the best CMB movies of all time, and its sequel, Batman Returns, is close but never lives up to the original.

Batman Begins was the first installment in the Dark Knight Trilogy, which revolutionized cinema forever, and Begins, is the second best.

The Perfect Mates [The Dark Knight, The Mask Of The Phantasm, The DK Rises]:

The Dark Knight:

The best film of the trilogy, the introduction to the legendary Heath Ledger as The Joker, and arguably one of the best CMB movies of all time.

The Mask Of The Phantasm:

A film spawned by the awesome Batman: The Animated Series, in which a vigilante like Batman called Phantasm, and the plot twist is a great one.

The Dark Knight Rises:

A controversial one, for sure, mate, but it's a bloody great film, and you should respect it, mate!



As i said in my note above, i will update this post, when BVS comes out. So, stay tuned!


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