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2015 packed some pretty hard punches, and these particular scenes hit hard! Bear vs man, twin vs twin and spy vs henchman, here are my top 10 fight scenes of last year. There were many but I've boiled down my pick counting down from number ten to the number one spot. Hope you enjoy!

10. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - This scene introduces franchise newcomer and badass Isla Faust, played by the superb Rebecca Ferguson. She and Ethan Hunt take out an entire room of thugs together. It's surprisingly violent for a 12A film but proves one hell of a memorable moment for the fifth film and the entire franchise.

9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 - The most impactful and startling moment of the final film, Katniss and co. face off against an armada of deadly underwater creatures. These hybrid monsters bare sharp claws and teeth and come from all over, therefore the battle is breakneck and terrifying as the characters we've come to enjoy over the franchise risk their lives in this thrilling sequence.

8. The Transporter Refueled - Despite it being a rather middling entry to the franchise, the fourth outing still packs some creative fight scenes. Best of all sees Frank Martin take on three guards who give him his money's worth during a night club visit. Martin uses a set of drawers and cupboards to elude his victims and the fast editing and creativity leaves you jaw-dropped!

7. Sicario - One of the most testing scenes of 2015, Emily Blunt plays FBI Agent Kate Macy, who is attacked by Jon Bernthal's agent Ted in a vicious attack. The gasping for air, realism of the fight and how shocking the incident is sticks with you long after the film.

6. Legend - Tom Hardy fights Tom Hardy in this seamlessly edited and well staged punch-up in which the Kray twins knock each other about senseless. It's violent but also very funny, as Ronnie grabs and squeezes Reggie's "assets". Again, it's knockout stuff but damn entertaining to watch as these brothers set aside their differences.

5. Spectre - Dave Bautista, a towering figure on and off screen, takes on Craig's 007 onboard a train. There is no mercy here, Bautista's Mr. Hinx punches anything and everything in his way, including an entire bar and a bathroom. The best part is the lack of soundtrack, all you hear are the fierce hits and 007's grunts of pain and anger.

4. Spy - For the funniest film of 2015, I didn't expect it to feature one of the most dicey and close quarters fight scene of the year either. Melissa McCarthy's Susan Cooper fights the exotic Lia in a kitchen. Pans, bread sticks and knives are used in each attack, and the punches hit very, very hard. Watch out for the brilliant move where Cooper protects herself with a frying pan from a knife attack, it's teeth gritting!

3. Furious 7 - Ronda Rousey versus Michelle Rodriguez! It's all or nothing in this intense punch up that sees franchise hero Rodriguez take on MMA badass Rousey. Dressed to kill, they hash it out relentlessly with director James Wan throwing in some killer spinning camera angles and some rapid fire cuts.

2. The Revenant - For a good five minutes, poor Leonardo DiCaprio faces off against a grizzly in the unrelenting harsh conditions of the chilly wilderness. The CGI bear looks uber realistic, only adding further to the nasty brutality of the attack. The prosthetics and make-up are spot on, all the blood and slashes make this scene harrowing and unbearable (sorry)

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service - The church fight sequence is what happens when you let loose director Matthew Vaughn. This is the most thrilling, ridiculously violent, well choreographed uncut fight scene of last year, accompanied by the perfect song choice. Colin Firth is a must see action hero! This is the best part of the film and it's an absolute blast to experience.

What was your favorite fight scene from 2015? Let us know in the comments section below.


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