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Last night's episode of The Flash threw more questions than answers in the pot. The things got even more weird and people started raging. So if you did not watch the last episode stop here, or if you are OK with spoilers , go on.

ZOOM unmasked !?

Is he really Jay Garrick? Probably not. Is he Hunter Zolomon from Earth 2!? Probably not.

So far in the season, the "body" of zoom was shorter and bulkier than Jay's. Unless the creators do this unbelievably enormous mistake to use 3 different people for Zoom (Barry's father as the body, Jay as the face and Tony Todd as the voice) then we have a major plot hole here.

In one of the scenes during Jessie's rescue stunt there is a shot of the man with the iron mask. You can clearly see that his hair is blond. It might be the light but if not I think he is Eddie Thawne , see the picture bellow. (it's very hard to find a picture of Eaddie in his profile visible, but if you check any episode from season one, you will see that his hair looks very similar.)

Man in the iron mask
Man in the iron mask

What is Eddie doing there? He knows who Zoom is, and is somehow very important for him. Like when Eddie died in season one and that erased Reverse Flash from the point on. He might be the Reverse Flash on Earth 2 and got kidnapped so Zoom can steal his speed.

Another theory is that everyone is Jay. Zoom is Jay from one point in the Future, where he split streamed and got stuck in the past so he had to kidnap himself, find a way to steal his speed, and become even faster. The man in the mask is also him but from another point in time. Jay that got killed didn't erase them because one is still alive and the time can still be altered (far fetched).

One of the least but not yet obsolete theory is that ZOOM is Everyman (Hannibal Bates), that copied Jay's looks and powers and got power hungry. He became Jay when he killed him, which is a setback in his plan, because he now can't take his speed away. The man in the mask can still be Eddie as Reverse Flash, he got Jessie, not just to force Wells to steal Barry's speed, but to have a way to give this speed to others, and then steal it. Some kind of a speed donor system.

Lastly, if Zoom appears to be Henry Allen, then who the "DAD" on the phone was? Why he "now" looks like Jay? Why Jay's death be a inconvenience for him?

The Flash season 2 continues Tuesdays on The CW. Tell me what you think in the comments, or not...


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