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Zoom is a tough enemy , the flash couldn't beat him alone , 4 people who could join Barry Allen to defeat zoom.

1.the real Jay Garrick.

We know that the man in the mask could be the real Jay Garrick , if this is true , he will fight with the flash to end up zoom and get his revenge. (For more about the real Jay Garrick go to my post zoom is hunter zolomon , and the Rival theory.)


In welcome to earth 2 , Cisco met his doppelganger reverb , Cisco saw reverb doing things he couldn't imagine , he said " I can do that ? " , reverb :"we can be gods." , in escape from earth 2 episode , Cisco took Reverb's goggles , Cisco got more interested in his powers , in the king shark episode he started to configurate his new goggles.

Will he discover the secrets of his powers ?

3.Wally west aka kid flash

Wally is obsessed with speed ,the last episode he said : ''no one is faster than me''. , he loves racing , his new project is about building supercars with super engine , what if he harnessed the speed force accidentally while he is doing his project and became the kid flash ,will he help the flash in fighting zoom ?

4.Jessie quick

The daughter of the most intelligent man in the world Harrison wells , if Barry opened the breach again , will zoom kidnap Garry this time , will Jessie take velocity 9 to save her dad ?


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