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PayPal announces to block people from paying for VPN using its service.

Netflix Inc. began its geo-blocking crackdown on users who are using services to access its service. It is actually good to see that other firms are supporting it apart from the geo-dodging services themselves. According to the Australian News, PayPal has come forward and said that it will not allow viewers to pay for any geo-dodging and VPN services using its online platform. This gives Netflix an ultimate upper hand in its cat and mouse game between content and the dodgers.

The streaming giant made a powerful ally in an important battle to stop users from accessing its service using VPNs. Irrespective of the backlash that took place initially, Netflix streaming subscribers remained confident that they can still find a way to use workarounds in order to access the content catalogue of different regions across the globe. This practice was more common among the Australian users and they wanted to get hands on its US library more than what was offered to them.

When the company announced the crackdown operations against such users, they expressed their rage on the social media platforms by saying that they will not settle for the domestic library so easily. The US catalogue is far more superior and diversified than all other region’s catalogue but it is not the company’s fault to limit its entertainment offerings from region to region. The main reason is the content owners who want this process to stop. They are the ones who demanded Netflix to block users.

Netflix just started to produce its own original programming and before, it used to license other popular content and stream it to the users. The crackdown has not reached all regions and not applied to all services but there is one obstacle if viewers make online transactions for their VPN services. The California-based online payment provider has said to prevent people from violating copyright rules by not letting viewers to pay for the geo-dodging platforms through its service.

PayPal said, “As a global payments company, we have to comply with laws set by governments and regulatory agencies. PayPal does not permit the use of its service for transactions that infringe copyrights or other proprietary rights.”

PayPal hopes that this act might prevent subscribers from geo dodging Netflix but there is no way either can stop the users from paying for a VPN service using their credit cards or by other means. The bitter reality is that the streaming service provider might not be able to ‘ever’ win this battle against geo-dodgers. It can only take a lead on them for a short period until another way is out to dodge its service.

Managing director of uFlix said that Netflix can only prevent users for time being but it is not the end of the world. uFlix will keep coming back with more solutions to bypass it.


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