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The TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel, 11.22.63, faces a race against time both in storyline and plot structure.

The concept is grand — Jake Epping (James Franco) is given the task of traveling back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK — which means squeezing such a complex story arc into eight episodes may be a challenge.

Warning - from this moment on there are spoilers. Massive spoilers!

Considering this is a mini-series, certain shortcuts are going to have to be taken. The opening episode, 'The Rabbit Hole,' didn't hold back on getting to the the crux of the plot, with Jake discovering the Rabbit Hole and agreeing to travel back to 1960.

'The Kill Floor' continues with the sub-plot of Jake visiting Holden to prevent the violent attack and bloody murder of Harry's family. It serves as the main course of the episode, with a little nudge toward JFK as light desert at the end.

Here are the top 4 moments:

1. The Cow Scene

Josh Duhamel exudes narcissistic charisma as the violently psychopathic and murderous Frank.

Although I spent the first minute or so questioning why Jake was so quick to jump in Frank's car, the rest of the scene was constructed in a typical King-esque way, with the intent of putting the tension levels through the roof — and it worked.

2. The Bravery Award

Did Arliss Price's monologue have much relevance to the bigger picture? Other than serving as a warning for what Jake will inevitably encounter on his upcoming mission, there was something about the scene which just felt it may have some significance later.

Oh, not to mention Michael O'Neil micro-expresses the hell out of that scene, in a good way.

3. Saving The Day

Despite being almost thwarted by Bill, Jake managed to stop Frank committing his murderous rampage, but kills him in the process.

Will there be repercussions? Well, Religious landlord Edna Price seemed to have the grim realization that Jake's actions were justified, although the cops may not be so forgiving.

4. Ah, That's Why We're Here! JFK

I was wondering how long it would take, considering we're a quarter of a way through already, for JFK to be brought back into picture. Don't forget, Al told Jake that the past fights back with a vengeance. Not much happened while killing Frank, but Bill's discovery of the newspaper cutting will throw up a ton of possibilities for the next episode.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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