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Arrow has been a little light on easter eggs in recent weeks, but those who get excited by such things can breathe a sigh of relief, because we were treated to quite a few in this week's episode. Let's dive right in...

1. Let's start with the obvious

Episode 15 is titled "Taken", which is the name of about thirteen Liam Neeson movies, only one of which was any good. Liam Neeson, of course, is a stellar Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins. By chance Deadpool also packs a really killer Taken joke. It's a good couple of weeks to be a kidnap-revenger.

2. Coincidence? Surely not...

Little William finally gets some proper screentime this week, but in the comics, Connor Hawke is Oliver's son. Connor Hawke debuts in Legends of Tomorrow this week - coincidence?

3. A complicated truth

Remember how The Flash erased a chunk of the timeline in which Felicity broke up with Oliver? That breakup never happened, so technically it's not deja-vu when the conversation repeats itself almost verbatim with some of Felicity's dialogue in "Taken", like "You're the only person on the planet that considers the truth complicated!"

4. Vixen

"Taken" gives us our live-action introduction to Vixen, the badass DC heroine who has her own animated series on the CW, voiced by Mari McCabe, the very actress who portrays her here. In the comics, Vixen has been a member of the Justice League alongside Vibe and J'Onn J'Onnz, both of whom are currently appearing on other shows in the Arrow-verse (The Flash and Supergirl, respectively).

5. News 52, anyone?

Remember News 52? When DC launched their New 52 comics reboot, this is both the news station watched by various heroes and the page in the back of the comic designed to keep fans up to speed with what was going on in The Flash and other DC favourites. In this episode we catch a glimpse of a News 52 reporter. Seriously though, does nobody in Star City get CNN?

6. "An army of little Olivers"

"I'm amazed there isn't an army of little Olivers out there" wasn't just a sarcastic quip - it's also a sly reference to the fact the Oliver Queen of the comics has more than one illegitimate kid, and they're not all good guys. Oh, and William has a Flash toy. Of course he does.

Check out the promo for episode 16, "Broken Hearts", which deals with the rotten aftermath of Oliver's breakup with Felicity.


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