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Now that Barry, Wells, and Vibe have returned from Earth 2- They're entire prospective have been rocked.

For Barry, it's been hard to adjust from seeing his father figure, Joe West, die.(especially after learning his distaste for him.) It also must be pretty bewildering to have literally LIVED his marriage with Iris.

But the most heart wrenching part came in the realization that his mother was alive. In short: This guy is gonna have some serious psychological issues before he's 30.

We've also seen a little change in Cisco. After meeting his doppelganger, Reverb, he's now coming to terms with the full potential of his powers. He's also been a little more shifty around Catlyn, due to his run in with Killer Frost.(which he later revealed to her.)

But so far, we've seen everyone's Earth 2 Doppelganger. (For those wondering about Eddie, his name was labeled on the Allen home phone... So yeah, do with that what you will.


Now, I know you're all probably thinking "Oh, he probably just chose not to come to Central City." And maybe, but I think it may be more than that.

But Where's Wally?

As most probably know(If you don't, you're bad at following TV shows..) Iris's mother was actually a drug addict that had abandoned her when she was young. But she left while she was still pregnant: that child growing up to be Wally West, Joe's son.

It's pretty obvious to see that the same events might have transpired.. Or have they? There were a lot of factors involving Wally. He street raced for money to take care of his dying mother, he resented joe for not knowing of his existence, and he's only in Central because all the other racers in his home town refuse to race him. (Ouch. Like being that one guy your friends refuse to play in Super Smash Bros.) But there were many destined factors that brought him to Central City in Earth 1.

So where is he?

He Doesn't Exist...

We remember what was previously thought of Iris's mother. We assumed she was dead, and after Joe's reunion, those assumptions were quickly shot down. But since this is a new world with new events, it IS possible that his story is now more than just that.

We've seen how Joe was on Earth 1. He was a brooding cop, his mind constantly tethered to the past. A lot of his grief came from the fact that he had been lying to his daughter.

Joe from Earth 2, however, is much different. He's more laid back. Happier. Almost carefree even. Other than his disapproval of Barry, you can see it on his face that he is enjoying his life.

He Has Nothing To Hide

Unlike his Earth 1 Counterpart, he doesn't live in torment from his actions. Rather than being a man who suffers from a never ending lie. Instead, he is a man who is at peace with the past. He HAS lost his wife, but has learned to move past it through his music and the love of his Daughter.

So, is it fair to assume that Earth 2's Francine West might have died from her sickness much earlier? Maybe before she could be pregnant with a son?...

It's dark, but Wally is a very important character. Those who know him, know that he is well on his way to becoming Kid Flash. And as Reverb pointed out: They are all connected. So clearly, Wally would tie into Earth 2 far more than just a random lost son in another city.

Unless he never existed. This would explain why there is no Francine, as well. Rather than run away, Earth 2's Francine had died. Maybe she was the glorified version from Earth 1 Joe's stories? Maybe she had actually been much better than her drug addicted counterpart? If there is one thing we've learned from Earth 2, it's that things could DEFINITELY be different.

What do you think? Does Wally exist in Earth 2? Or do you think his fate was slightly different? Let me know in the comments!


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