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Before I start I'd like to point out that I love superhero movies, and as a comic book fan I think it's amazing to see so much of this content on the big screen. It's not as though I'm hating on the genre or anyone else that likes it, but somebody has to ask the hard questions. Personally, I just hope it doesn't get to the point where I get bored of future Marvel and DC movies because they've become tiresome. However, with the frequently successful MCU consisting of 11 movies (12 if you count Ed Norton's Hulk), FOX's R-rated introduction of 'Deadpool' and the reboot of the X-Men series, as well as DC's first big attempt at a connected universe with 'Batman v Superman' (v Doomsday v...); we might need to actually consider the possibility that there is a danger of a superhero overload.

I know what I'm doing for possibly forever
I know what I'm doing for possibly forever

Less than 2 years ago, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced at a special event the full slate of movies that would make up the grand Phase 3. It included the sequels to some of the fan favourite franchises such as Captain America, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. However, what wasn't expected was the long awaited introduction of new characters getting their own solo movies, adding 'Black Panther', 'Doctor Strange', 'Captain Marvel' and 'The Inhumans' to the cinematic roster.

I'll be honest, it's a lot to take in. This is great news and all, but it gets me thinking about how so far their hasn't been as big a variety in MCU content as you would expect with the studio churning out 2 movies minimum per year. As people are also pointing out, Marvel movies are starting to become slightly formulaic with its Disney lighthearted touches working its way to the narrative and character relationships. There are of course exceptions to this with amazing movies like GOTG and now Deadpool, but when something becomes really successful in the industry, Hollywood isn't afraid to play with it until it's completely broken in order to get their money's worth. Take a look at FOX's failed attempt at a Fantastic Four reboot, or the fact that rumours are going around that R-rated projects are being green-lit and becoming more and more plausible after 'Deadpool' paved the way to the bank with his blood soaked katanas.

Now DC are even coming in hot on Marvel's tail with another huge list of movies, characters, casting announcements and their release dates which don't stop until 2020! The core members of the 'Justice League' seem as though they're all going to get their own individual movies, and if anything they'll probably get some sort of realistic/darker treatment that's been so successful for Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy. This could potentially give Marvel a run for their money, because even though they're adding more superhero movies to the big screen, they're at least different (in their approaches) compared to Marvel's cheerful tone.

Is this a good enough solution though? Does the movie industry need to take a break from the superhero genre for a while? If so how am I supposed to fill the void?!


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