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This is the greatest time to be a superhero fan. The age of the superhero movie is upon us, and there are so many geek-out moments that'll be starting this year. The 'Merc With a Mouth' started off the year with a bang, and the explosions are still being felt around the world, and my personal favorite Dark Knight will be the next step.

What will the coming years hold? Marvel will be unleashing its greatest team of heroes, not only in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, but in what is sure to be one of the greatest superhero films of all time, with the two halves of Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (trailer above) finally coming to us in 26 days, DC Comics has its own team to unleash. Not only is the JLA finally going to be on the big screen, but I feel that Batman v. Superman will be the gateway for one of the Justice League films to bring about the 'Flashpoint Paradox' story.

Spoilers Ahead for Those of You Who Are Unfamiliar With 'Flashpoint'

The 'Flashpoint' story brought about the re-imagining of DC Comics with the New 52 stories in 2011. In it, Barry Allen wakes up in a different world where the Justice League doesn't exist, Barry's mother was never murdered and Barry doesn't have the powers of the Flash.

He soon discovers that Aquaman's Atlanteans and Wonder Woman's Amazons are in a global war with each other that threatens to destroy the world. Barry finds that this world still has a Batman that he can turn to, but the Dark Knight is not the same one he remembers.

Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, is this timeline's Batman, after Bruce was killed in Crime Alley all those years ago. After Thomas helps Barry replicate the experiment that gave him his powers in the first place, they set off with Cyborg to find Superman, who turns out to be nothing but a government experiment since he was a child.

After helping Superman escape, Flash, Batman, and Cyborg then team up with other assorted heroes to finally lead one last assault against Aquaman and Wonder Woman's forces, who've converged in London. During the battle, the Reverse Flash appears to Barry, revealing that this entire timeline is the result of Barry's journey into the past to save his mother from being killed.

A butterfly effect rippled through time, destroying the timeline that Barry knew, and replacing it with this alternate future. After defeating the Reverse Flash, Barry accepts a letter from Thomas to deliver to Bruce, and then is forced to travel back again to prevent himself from saving his mom, and then merges three separate universes into one huge, new DC Universe.

Here are my three reasons that 'Flashpoint' would not only be a fantastic superhero film, but also one of my absolute favorites.

1. All but one of the Major Characters are Already Being Introduced in 'Batman v. Superman'

With the exception of the Reverse Flash being brought into the DCEU, all of the pertinent characters are already coming to the big screen this March. Ezra Miller will be portraying our own Scarlet Speedster, hopefully in a cameo appearance, with his full fledged inclusion coming soon after in Justice League.

We already know we'll be seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in a full appearance this March, and her opponent in the 'Flashpoint' story, Aquaman, will also be making a cameo in Batman v Superman, being portrayed by the awesome Jason Momoa.

The final of the pertinent characters being introduced also leads me into my second reason for this article...

2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne/Batman

Ironically, Morgan was actually my fan-cast choice for the original role of Batman, especially after they had revealed that this Batman would be an older, more experienced version. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been one of my favorite actors since his involvement in the first and second seasons of the CW's Supernatural as Sam and Dean's father, John Winchester.

After that, my favorite roles of his have included The Losers and P.S. I Love You, but nothing compares to not only my favorite role of his, but also one of my favorite superhero films ever: Edward Blake/The Comedian in 2009's Watchmen. That film is the primary reason that I have faith in Zack Snyder leading the charge of the DCEU as well.

From his role as the Comedian, I believe that Morgan would be the perfect fit for the darker side of Batman in the 'Flashpoint' story, as he seems more like an anti-hero than a true one. He is what the role requires and the only one I'd choose to see. Also, look for him in upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead as Negan, the villain we've been waiting for.

3. The New Universe Can Lead to So Many New Films

The New 52 has come with a multitude of great, new obstacles for our favorite heroes to face. My recent post spoke of one such story for Batman, the Court of Owls issues. A Justice League: Flashpoint film could be the final push that DC Comics makes for the DCEU in order to forever solidify their place in a world seemingly ruled by Marvel films.

I have full faith in what 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' will be, in how Ben Affleck will be as Batman himself, and in what DC Comics can accomplish, not only in March, but also in August with what is sure to be a game changer in 'Suicide Squad.' What story/villain would you like to see the Justice League face?

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