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The Arrowverse became bigger and bigger year after year. From The Green Arrow to The Flash, Vixen and [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), The CW built a universe to which no comic book fan would have dared dream of. You'd maybe like to start watching those shows but with more than 100 episodes now aired and a few crossovers, you're probably a little reluctant to jump on the bandwagon.

Here is a little guide to help you watch without any chronological error all DC shows and get a clearer picture of the Arrowverse. This article will regularly be updated and I'll try to keep it as spoiler free as possible!

Arrow: The Two First Seasons

For two years, Oliver Queen was the sole vigilante in the DCTV Universe. Two years dealing with Dark Archers and super-soldiers. Though, it didn't prevent the show from introducing a powerhouse of the DC universe in the form of Barry Allen aka The Flash:

The Scientists (2×08) & Three Ghosts (2×09): This double episode introduced us to Barry Allen, a CSI from Central City. While not yet being the superhero we all love, he is a pivotal character of this two part episode.

The Man Under The Hood (2×16): In the hunt for his season's two big bads, Oliver is introduced to Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, two scientists from Star Labs and soon important characters of The Flash.

The Flash Season One & Arrow Season Three

This is where the pace starts to become a tiny bit complicated. From now on The Flash airs Tuesdays and Arrow Wednesdays. It is important to follow both shows in that particular order most of the time, if you want to enjoy them the most. There will be some exceptions that I'll highlight:

Arrow: The Calm (3×01) / The Flash: Pilot (1×01):

This is the first official crossover between the two shows. While Oliver will appear to give our new speedster some wise advice, Barry will only make a brief cameo during the Arrow episode. It is not less enjoyable believe me.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive (1×02)

Arrow: Sara (3×02)

The Flash: Things You Can’t Outrun (1×03)

Arrow: Corto Maltese (3×03)

The Flash: Going Rogue (1×04):

This is the first time an Arrow character other than Oliver appears on the show. Felicity makes the trip to Central City for the first time since Barry woke up and became The Flash. The thing is, she knows more than Barry had anticipated.

Arrow: The Magician (3×04)

Arrow: The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak (3×05): The Flash is on break, so there are two Arrow episodes back-to-back!

The Flash: Plastique (1×05)

Arrow: Guilty (3×06):

The Flash: The Flash Is Born (1×06)

Arrow: Draw Back Your Bow (3×07)

The Flash : Power Outage (1×07):

William Tockman aka Clock King appears for the first time on The Flash after having made his debut during Arrow's second season. He's going to put everyone in the CCPD in danger during a blackout caused by a new meta-human, creatively named...Blackout. This is also a week break for Arrow before the big two-hour event!

The Flash : Flash vs. Arrow (1×08) / Arrow : The Brave and the Bold (3×08):

This is the event you were dying to see, the first real proper crossover between Arrow and The Flash. While those two episodes aren't directly connected, they are still very much enjoyable. The Flash episode sees Oliver accompanied with Felicity and Diggle on the trail of a very dangerous villain possibly hidden in Central City. They will end up helping Barry under the influence of a meta-human who made him uncontrollable. Conversely, Team Flash will help Oliver back in Starling City stop the villain they were looking for in Central City during the Arrow episode.

The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit (1×09)

Arrow: The Climb (3×09)

The Flash: Revenge of the Rogues (1×10)

Arrow: Left Behind (3×10)

The Flash: The Sound and the Fury (1×11)

Arrow: Midnight City (3×11)

The Flash: Crazy for You (1×12)

Arrow: Uprising (3×12)

The Flash: The Nuclear Man (1×13)

Arrow: Canaries (3×13)

The Flash: Fallout (1×14)

Arrow: The Return (3×14)

Arrow: Nanda Parbat (3×15): New week break for The Flash before the fifteenth episode of the season!

The Flash: Out of Time (1×15)

Arrow: The Offer (3×16)

The Flash: Rogue Time (1×16): This is Arrow's turn to go on break!

The Flash: Tricksters (1×17)

Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies (3×17)

The Flash: All Star Team Up (1×18):

This episode sees Felicity and Ray Palmer (introduced during Arrow's third season) seeking help from Star Labs. In fact, The CW kinda messed up with its weekly schedule and Arrow's eighteenth initially aired before that one, making the continuity incoherent. No worries here, everything is in the right order!

Arrow: Public Enemy (3×18)

Arrow: Broken Arrow (3×19)

The Flash: Who Is Harrison Wells? (1×19):

Suspicious of Harrison Wells, Joe and Cisco go back to where his wife lost her life 15 years ago. In their investigation they seek help from Captain Lance. At the same time, Laurel seeks Cisco's help on a sensitive subject. This is the second time a Flash episode takes place in part in Starling City.

Arrow: The Fallen (3×20)

The Flash: The Trap (1×20)

Arrow: Al Sah-him (3×21)

The Flash: Grodd Lives (1×21)

The Flash: Rogue Air (1×22):

Oliver comes to give Barry a hand in his eternal fight against the Reverse-Flash. Trying to comprehend how Oliver found the time to go all the way to Central City will only give you a nasty headache. Let's not give it too much thought.

Arrow: This Is Your Sword (3×22)

Arrow: My Name Is Oliver Queen (3×23):

One week before his season finale, Barry returns Oliver the favor by helping Team Arrow in a critical moment to save Starling City against Ra's-Al-Ghul. His appearance is quick but still effective.

The Flash: Fast Enough (1×23)

Vixen: The Animated Series:

Vixen is the third big DC character to join the Arrow-verse and also the first female black superhero to come to life. Her show is an animated series and she could seem non-important however don't be fooled: Vixen will not solely be limited to an animated version. So I'd recommend you watch it, besides it's only 30 minutes of your time. Chronologically, the show takes place during Arrow's third and The Flash's first season, but it originally aired during the summer and it won't disturb the continuity if you watch it here.

The Flash: The Man Who Saved Central City (2×01) / Arrow: Green Arrow (4×01):

The Flash and Arrow are back for a new season, much more organically connected and less messy in their schedule. The CW learned from its mistakes thus, it should be a lot more easier to follow, even more since the first part of both season is a big setup for the third show of the Arrow-verse, Legends Of Tomorrow. Barry even makes a little cameo during a flash-forward, significant for Arrow's future.

The Flash: Flash of Two Worlds (2×02)

Arrow: The Candidate (4×02)

The Flash: Family of Rogues (2×03)

Arrow: Restoration (4×03)

The Flash: The Fury of Firestorm (2×04)

Arrow: Beyond Redemption (4×04)

The Flash: The Darkness and the Light (2×05)

Arrow: Haunted (4×05)

The Flash: Enter Zoom (2×06)

Arrow: Lost Souls (4×06)

The Flash: Gorilla Warfare (2×07)

Arrow: Brotherhood (4×07)

The Flash: Legends of Today (2×08) / Arrow: Legends of Yesterday (4×08):

The Arrow/ The Flash crossover of this year is much more ambitious than the last with a two part episode. The two-hour event is the one introducing to us Legends Of Tomorrow's big bad in the form of the immortal caveman, Vandal Savage. Add to the mix immortal lovers and time-travel and you're in for a ride.

The Flash: Running to Stand Still (2×09)

Arrow: Dark Waters (4×09)

The Flash: Potential Energy (2×10)

Arrow: Blood Debts (4×10)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 1 (1×01):

The very much anticipated time-travel series, Legends Of Tomorrow finally starts here. Rip Hunter, a member of the time masters has to assemble an elite team to stop the immortal Vandal Savage. The team is composed of heroes and villains previously introduced on The Flash and Arrow.

The Flash: The Reverse-Flash Returns (2×11)

Arrow: A.W.O.L (4×11)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Pilot Part 2 (1×02)

The Flash: Fast Lane (2×12)

Arrow: Unchained (4×12)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Blood Ties (1×03)

Supergirl Season 1: Episode 1-12

Up until now Supergirl wasn't considered part of the Arrowverse. But this is the moment where the show was announced to crossover with The Flash.

The Flash: Welcome To Earth-2 (2×13)

Arrow: Sins of the Father (4×13)

Legends Of Tomorrow: White Knights (1×04)

Supergirl: For The Girl Who Has Everything (1×13)

The Flash: Escape from Earth-2 (2×14)

Arrow: Code of Silence (4×14)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Fail-Safe (1×05)

Supergirl: Truth, Justice And The American Way (1×14)

The Flash: King Shark (2×15):

Diggle comes to Central City, but this time alone with his wife Lyla, on behalf of ARGUS. They help Barry take out an old very sharky foe, who hold a tenacious grudge against The Flash. It is also worth noting that this is also the first Arrow/ The Flash crossover of 2016.

Arrow: Taken (4×15):

I was not lying when I said that the Vixen animated series was important despite being, at first sight, isolated. Megalyn E.K who voices Mari McCabe in the CW Seed cartoon, reprises her role for Arrow. She's a key player in the fight against Damien Darhk. If I'm not mistaken Megalyn is the first person to ever make the jump from animated to live-action. If you followed her series it is even more enjoyable to see Vixen being brought to life.

Supergirl: Solitude (1×15)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Star City 2046 (1×06):

Our legends crash in 2046, in a very different version of the Star City we once knew. They came across a new Green Arrow and Stephen Amell guest-stars as an Oliver, now 30 years older, who has lost everything and everyone he loved. This is probably Legends most thrilling episode at this point of the series.

Legends Of Tomorrow: Marooned (1×07): Arrow and The Flash are taking a month break so there is two consecutive Legends episode before the show also goes on a two-weeks break.

Legends Of Tomorrow: Night Of The Hawk (1×08)

Supergirl: Falling (1×16)

The Flash: Trajectory (2×16)

Arrow: Broken Hearts (4×16)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Left Behind (1×09)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Progeny (1×10)

Supergirl: Manhunter (1×17)

The Flash: Flash Back (2×17)

Arrow: Beacon Of Hope (4×17):

This episode sees the return of Emily Kinney's Brie Larvin, a villain who previously appeared in the Flash's last season All-Star Team Up. She acted as a nemesis for Felicity, relying as well on technology and her robot-bees to achieve her ends.

Legends Of Tomorrow: The Magnificent Eight (1×11)

Supergirl: Worlds Finest (1×18)

After running too fast in his training to defeat Zoom, Barry accidentally travels to another Earth where he meets Kara Danvers in the first crossover between Supergirl and The Flash.

The Flash: Versus Zoom (2×18)

Arrow: Eleven Fifty-Nine (4×18)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Last Refuge (1×12)

Supergirl: Myriad (1×19)

The Flash: Back To Normal (2×19)

Arrow: Canary Cry (4×19)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Leviathan (1×13)

Supergirl: Better Angels (1×20)

The Flash: Rupture (2×20)

Arrow: Genesis (4×20)

Legends Of Tomorrow: River Of Time (1×14)

The Flash: The Runaway Dinosaur (2×21)

Arrow: Monument Point (4×21)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Destiny (1×15)

The Flash: Invincible (2×22)

Zoom unleashes an army of meta-humans to wreak havoc on Central City. And among them is Laurel Lance's Earth-2 doppelganger called Black Siren.

Arrow: Lost In the Flood (4×22)

Legends Of Tomorrow: Legendary (1×16)

The Flash: The Race Of His Life (2×23)

Arrow: Schism (4×23)



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