ByKanrin DiSandro, writer at

Please understand I liked both Andew Garfield and Tobey McGuire, but here is the thing though. Tobey did a great job as Peter Parker the drama he gave him made him the perfect Peter Parker, but when we get to Peter as Spider-Man he sticks to the persona which is my problem. He doesn't always crack a joke or meam the Spider-Man is known to love. Actually I take that back he does occasionally get humorus. Now with Andrew Garfield it's different yet simaler at the same time we got that humor and he does a great job as Spider-Man, but he really didn't have enough tragic such as the reason why Peter became Spider-Man. (Also just so we are clear I am only rate the actors on their first movie) The tragic is just as important for Spider-Man as well as the Humor. The tragic is what gives Spider-Man the reason for fighting evil, and the Humor marked him as a one of a kind Hero. Now you see my point we have one actor that is good as playing Peter Parker, but does a not so good job as Spider-Man and another actor who does a for job as Spider-Man, but not so good as Peter Parker. We need an actor who can potray as both because unlike some Heroes Spider-Man/Peter Parker are not two seperate Heroes he is one and the same. Maybe Tom Howland is that guy or maybe we have to wait later.


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