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How lucky are we to come across a person in our lifetime who relates to us on a completely supernatural level? It's not often you find a best friend who doubles as your soul mate: a person with whom you don't even need to say anything, they just automatically know how you're feeling or what you want to say. Those kinds of friends are the true ones, the real ones.

These types of relationships appear in movies all the time! If you pay attention, you'll find that some of the best characters are those who say nothing at all. Of course, they usually have a spokesperson. Check out these characters who make the movie with their one-sided conversations!

1. Chuck & Wilson (Castaway)

Ah, the infamous film about the struggle of a man and his volleyball fighting for survival on a vacant island. Also, this is likely the only movie in history that made you cry over a lost gym toy. That Tom Hanks is a piece of work, isn't he?

In this movie though, Chuck gets by only from the daily discussions and friendship given to him by Wilson. If it weren't for that volleyball, he probably wouldn't have survived four years all alone in the middle (literally!) of nowhere. About halfway through the movie, after Chuck and Wilson's bond has become impeccably tight, you realize (or maybe you don't) that Wilson has become your favorite character in the whole film. How did that happen?! You're falling in love with a piece of rubber! How? But it's true. And then, through a series of events, Wilson ends up giving up his life to save Chuck, leaving you utterly heartbroken and destroyed. Again, how?

Chuck and Wilson's friendship takes the number 1 spot on my list because of Wilson's sacrifice and his bravery against the big ocean. Also, because if it weren't for his spokesman, we would've thought nothing of the sight of that mangled volleyball disappearing over the horizon of water.

2. Han Solo & Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Han and Chewie jump back and forth when it comes to who is my favorite. They somehow mange to communicate, though we never quite understand how. You don't think too much of it, because why would you? They're both funny characters and their friendship is one that makes for great entertainment. We don't question how Han Solo (who is very obviously human in the Star Wars world) can understand Chewie when no one else can, or why Chewbacca is a giant Yorkie on two legs; we just accept the way things are and move on.

Han and Chewie are those characters that are forever side by side. You don't think of one without thinking of the other. Based on Han's translation, we know Chewbacca is an oddly sarcastic creature with a funky temper and gloating behavior. While Han is quite obviously ignorant and boastful himself, Chewbacca seems to be the only person who can actually make Captain Solo look like a fool. Likewise, Han is the only character who can show Chewie up and call him out on his mistakes. Maybe that's why they make such a great team.

Han Solo and Chewbacca make number 2 for their constant bickering like an old married couple. They're quick to point out each other's flaws, but at the same time, they'll be the first to stand up on the other's behalf. Their bond is founded on mutual trust and respect. Even though we never completely understand what Chewbacca might be saying, we get an idea based on how Han reacts, and most of the time, it comes down to arms getting ripped out of their sockets. Control your overgrown chipmunk, Solo.

3. Kristoff & Sven (Frozen)

Dropping the age a couple years here, I decided Kristoff and Sven would make an understandable third on my list just because of how bizarre their friendship is. Let's face it: Kristoff is just a strange guy. I mean, he talks in a weird voice for his best friend who happens to be a reindeer, for crying out loud! But you know what makes his character fabulous? The fact that you forget about a dozen times when watching the movie how odd this guy is because unless he's talking to Sven, he's actually a very realistic and genuine dude.

Again, judging from Kristoff's impossibly accurate translation, Sven is a rule follower. He's brutally honest and thrives on doing the right thing. Kristoff, however, is a little more grey. He enjoys making a profit and he performs no favors without something in return. But then again, what do you expect from a mountain man who sells ice in the winter for a living, sings duets with his mute reminder, and was potentially kidnapped and raised by trolls? Yeah, the whole situation is just too weird when you really start to think about.

However, aside from the weirdness, Kristoff and Sven are best buds and always looking out for each other. They're partners in crime, especially when Sven fails at keeping Kristoff in check. They make my number 3 for twisting a seriously strange friendship into something you wish you had, though you still probably wouldn't eat from the same carrot. Ugh.

4. Robert & Sam (I Am Legend)

Another disastrous situation where the only silver lining for the last man on earth is a being that can't speak and makes us cry at the end. Well, at least Robert gets a dog. All Chuck got was a wad of rubber. Likewise, Will Smith had a friendly, lovable animal to work with. Tom Hanks got a volleyball thrown at him and a shout from the director, "Make us believe it!" There is no argument here. Anyway...

In the midst of a zombie-infection outbreak that pretty much leaves a man all alone in a deserted New York City with his German Shepherd, Robert's connection with Sam quickly becomes the only good thing about the movie as far as hope goes. He talks to Sam like he talks to a friend, never expecting an answer in reply and never getting one: at least nothing more than the kind of answer a dog can give you. Nonetheless, their friendship is real and know, until the end.

Robert loves Sam like a child because she is literally the only family he has left. They protect each other, make good company (a little one-sided, but...), and aren't afraid to be real with each other. That's why Robert and Sam make number 4 on my list, but honestly, you just need to watch the movie to understand what I'm talking about.

5. Rocket & Groot (Guardians of The Galaxy)

Last but not least, taking up the rear as number 5 on my list, Rocket and Groot are probably the oddest pair listed so far, but hey, I think the movie makers pulled it off quite nicely. What do you get when you force a cranky, mutant raccoon and a oblivious, magical tree to co-exist as unlikely friends? This is a joke, so think about it for a minute.

You get a cranky, mutant raccoon and an oblivious, magical tree co-existing as unlikely friends. Hey, I never said it was a good joke.

In all seriousness though, that is literally all their friendship is. Rocket is a little jerk and Groot is a very tall idiot who only knows one word: Groot. And we, the audience, being the easily amused bunch that we are, find this mess of characters to be the funniest duo we've seen in a while. They touch us at the end and we're finally able to see that they actually are tight, but pretty much every moment before that is just Rocket being a nuisance and Groot being a Groot. You may translate that any way you want.

So yeah, that's really all I have to say about Rocket and Groot. They snagged number 5 away from some other Disney duo I would've come up with simply because of the Marvel writers who thought, "Dang, wouldn't it be funny...?"


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