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It wouldn't shock me if you didn't know about this movie. I also wouldn't think anyone knew about the story of Eddie Edwards and how he wanted to be an Olympic Athlete. You think you might know the whole movie before going in, but trust me when I say you are absolutely wrong.

The movie revolves around Eddie Edwards. A British kid who dreams of becoming a Winter Olympic Athlete. He certainly has his heart in the right place by wanting to do good. He is always challenging himself, but everyone tells him he can't do it. "You won't be Olympic material." But no matter what these people say he won't give up on his dream. So he finds a weird way to get inducted into the Games by being the first British Ski Jumper since the late 20's. Ski Jumping being the most dangerous sporting events during the Winter Olympics. But not even that stops Edwards.

A classic tale that is pretty much predictable. We all know the beats this kind of movie is going to take. The rise and the fall, but it's really about the details in between. Edwards doesn't want to be the best he just wants to be able to compete, and thats where this movie succeeds.

Taron Egerton who plays Eddie, is fantastic. He really adopted this mans persona. At first I thought he was mugging for the camera with all the silly faces he makes throughout the film, but no. The real Eddie the Eagle did that too. The character makes the movie. He's what really drives it. With this and Kingsman under his belt, it proves that Egerton can sell a film all on his own. He has perfect comedic timing, he is able to keep up with the likes of Hugh Jackman and Colin Firth, and he can pull of dramatic/emotional scenes.

Another reason why I loved this movie so much is that it doesn't try so hard to be an 80's movie. It has the look with the vibrant colors that pop thanks to Cinematographer George Richmond, and it has the feel thanks to a great Production Design Team lead by Mike Gunn. The best thing the film does is not overindulging in the fact that it is from the 80's. Under a less talented team I can see it going to far in that direction taking over the entire film. The one thing that truly makes it standout that it's from the 80's is the score by Matthew Margeson. The classy use of sync pop throughout was incredible!

Also, a lot of credit should go to the Editor Martin Walsh for the pace/rhythm of the film. It flies by (pardon the pun) rather quickly. Getting through and sometimes tricking the audience when those predictable sport movie cliche beats come up.

This film really is a great inspiration for anyone who is being told "no you can't do something because reason." It's gripping, tense, has great performances by new comer Taron Egerton and veteran Hugh Jackman. It looks beautiful, and is directed smoothly by Dexter Fletcher. The story itself didn't impact history, it was kind of plucked out of obscurity, but I'm glad this story was told. I couldn't recommend this movie anymore than I have already.

Eddie The Eagle Comes Out This Friday February 26th! Go See It!


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