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"Sometimes great possibilities are right in front of us, and we don't see them because we choose not to" - Barry Allen
Gabriella Macomber

The Merc with a Mouth

First of all, if you haven't seen this film yet, I highly suggest you to get yourself off your butt and straight to the theaters. And for those who have, let us appreciate the greatness of Deadpool.

Let's all face it, Ryan Reynolds wasn't the only one anticipating this movie. It's a one of a kind movie for superheroes, not really the hero, or the villain...well, I guess one could simply label him as the anti-hero that he is. Reynolds claims that the decade-long struggle of trying to get the film to role was something like this:

I’ve always linked it to the worst relationship I’ve ever been in: on-again, off-again, occasionally sleeping together, which just causes more pain. And then finally it ended in a really lovely wedding.

A damn fine wedding indeed. The multiple laughs in the film, the outrageous remarks, and of course the one of a kind break of the 4th wall, Deadpool is certainly a merc anyone would want to hang out with (unless you're next on his list, in that case you're screwed). Especially when he reacts with other characters, particularly the X-Men in this case.

Or well, 2 of the X-Men since...the studio could only provide for 2 of the X-Men throughout all of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Once again, breaking the 4th wall.

But what about other characters? Like the ones that he encounters in Marvel's comic books (I'm only saying this about 20th Century Fox)? Well, heads up Marvel, because as soon as you get him back, you may want to pair him with these chaps.


He's a significant member of the Avengers (even if he may not feel that at times), but how would he act around Pool? Clint is known to be a caring character, being a father and all, but could he handle Wade's level of mischief?

It would be an interesting mix to see the two star together in a film. They already have their comic book Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, seeing more quarrels between the two would certainly be a sight to see. Oh, and not only that, but I mean, I think Hawk deserve's his own film too.


Despite his handicap, Daredevil is a swift fighter, especially within the martial arts. And it would be an interesting touch to see Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck go off at each other on the big screen.

They actually already have their own comic Daredevil Deadpool Annual. And it would just be fantastic to see the two on screen. Especially with breaking the 4th wall.

Iron Man

I actually believe that if you paired these two together, they would work really well with one another. Or their egos would get the better of them. Either way, there's bound to be funny comebacks, sassy remarks and plain old attitude. I mean, we're talking about Robert Downey Jr. and Deadpool over here!

They've got a couple of comic books already, like Iron Man #23 (Kirk Deadpool) so it wouldn't be too new. Plus, as seen above, on Disney XD's Ultimate Spiderman. But if they do ever get together, Marvel bless you, I think we'd all like to see them go out and get some chimichangas.


Maybe its just me, but I really would like to see them together. With Loki being from Asgard and all, it would be fun to see his reactions to Deadpool's wit, and even funnier to see his reactions to Deadpool's references outside of the box. And I miss Tom Hiddleston, frankly Marvel hasn't called him up about Ragnarok.

Here's a snippet of them from Deadpool: Art of War, and who wouldn't want to see Reynolds in a viking helmet?!

Captain America

When you have Iron Man on the list, Cap is always going to be somewhere there too. Or vice versa, let's not spark up controversy...which is kind of the idea for Captain America: Civil War. But anyways! Wouldn't it be fun to see a man of justice, the Star-Spangled Avenger, against Wade Wilson?

Based on the comic extract above from Deadpool Vol. 2 #27, I actually am uncertain whether Deadpool would make endless jokes about justice and him being God's righteous man, or he would have downright respect for Cap's legacy and what he's done in his lifetime. Now, we wouldn't know the answer to that unless they star in a film together, isn't that right Marvel?


If you've seen X-Men: Origins, you would know that Deadpool did in fact hold a cameo in the film. But here, he isn't the wrinkled-avocado-faced Wade we know of, yet he still holds his kick-ass martial arts skills.

As Wolverine is in this film with him, I wouldn't mind seeing even more of this. Two extreme fighters, one a part of x-men and the other desperately wanted by the x-men, it would be a fun mix to see the two together in a film. Perhaps the crude, violent interactions with the two....or even this:

Okay, maybe not that. Well, if Hugh Jackman's down for it, why not?

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

This I definitely want to see again! They were awesome together on screen! I mean, even though she was being quite...teenager-ish most of the time, one can't help but fall in love with her character. Plus Deadpool's way with her makes everything better.

Now, this is simply my opinion of who he should collaborate with in a Marvel film sometime. Of course, these are all characters who have starred in the MCU already, so it won't be a hassle nailing down the actors together. But would it be possible to do that? Or, at the very least, Fox should at least permit him to do cameos in other films. Especially, despite the fact that Spidey was bought back by Marvel, a cameo in the next Spiderman Origin film.

And that is all my beautiful Pool lovers!

Who do you think he should collaborate with?


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