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Aquaman is one of the well known superheroes in dc's history , but unfortunately some people are making fun of him , saying he is lame , he is useless , he only talks to fish , that's due to the bad writers he had , but I am here to tell you the opposite , Arthur curry is one of the most powerful superhero.

Here are the reasons

1.he destroyed darkseid's parademons in one move.

In the new 52 comic book , darkseid sent his parademons to hunt down the justice league ,aquaman was the only one to get rid of them all.

2.he has superstrength

He carried a boat to protect his people , he also carried a building.

3.he is bulletproof.

In the beginning of new 52 aquaman , some thugs tried to shoot him , but his body reflected the bullets.

5.he held batman , and pushed superman away from him.

Arthur didn't want to hurt them , but they forced him because he didn't want them to hurt his brother , he also wanted them to negotiate but they refused , so he pushed superman with his ability to control water.

6.he was the one who defeated darkseid.

Aquaman made an important role in fighting darkseid , he destroyed his second eye , and ended him with the other members.

7.he had beaten up gorilla grodd.

In the New 52 aquaman , he travelled to gorilla city and he was involved in a fight against gorilla grod , he f***** him up.

8.he is the king of seven seas and the ruler of Atlantis.

Owning the seven seas is such powerful thing , he could sink the whole world if he wants , he also rules a great army , he knows the secret of the seas.

9.he posses the trident of Poseidon.

The trident of Poseidon is one of the most powerful magic weapon , with he can control water , and lightning in the same time.

10.he is the founder of the JLA and he can beat up superman.

He is the one who founded the JLA , he could also beat superman in a fight , his possibility of winning the battle increases in water , superman is also weak against magic , and aquaman posses the trident of Poseidon , so it will be a deadly battle.

11.he can ride m*****f****** sharks


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