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Easter eggs in movies and TV shows are quite interesting and fun to discover. An incident in a movie or series may often refer to another film or show. A Friends-related Easter egg might be hiding in the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible Series...

In Season 3, Episode 11- 'The One Where Candler Can't Remember Which Sister' of Friends, Chandler freaks out after getting high on Jello shots and accidentally fooling around with one of Joey's sisters on his birthday party. While talking to Ross about it, he jokingly asks him to tell Joey that he moved to France, when in fact he'll be in Cuba.

The exact opposite happens in the case of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. When the anti-IMF agents bust in his apartment in Havana, Cuba, he freely watches them via a laptop in France.

Hunt watches agents raiding his house in Cuba.
Hunt watches agents raiding his house in Cuba.

Though the idea is a bit far-fetched, mentioning a similar incident with the same countries might be more than just a coincidence.


Do you think this was an Easter egg?


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