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When you have a number of talented actors coming together for a movie, half the battle is won from the producers' point of view, leaving the rest half to be taken care of by the writers and the director.

It's not very often that you get to see a talented ensemble for a movie. But the third installment of the xXx Franchise, The Return of Xander Cage has managed to pull it off.

The franchise kicked off with xXx in 2002 and was followed by xXx: State of the Union in 2005. However, the third movie is set to release in 2017, 12 years after the release of the previous installment.

Here's the list of actors we'll get to see next year, when xXx 3 hits the screens:

Vin Diesel

This one comes as no surprise because Vin has been actively involved in the development process of the movie and is also one of the producers. Although the character of Xander Cage was supposedly killed in the sequel to explain his absence, the character apparently survived as Vin Diesel will be returning to reprise his role as Xander Cage in xXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Best known for his potrayal of the iconic character of Dominic Toretto, Vin is one of the most popular and talented superstars in Hollywood right now.

Samuel L. Jackson

Now, what can I say about him? Ted (like as in the walking-talking teddy bear. You know him, right?) rightfully said (in Ted 2), "You don't know who Sam L. Jackson is? Have seen any movie.. ever? He's the black guy!" (I know! I know! It sounds a bit racist. But you can't really change a quote at your own will now, can you?!). Did I just say Vin Diesel is one of the biggest superstar in Hollywood? Well, Sam L. Jackson's even BIGGER! Name one movie franchise he wasn't on. From Jurassic Park to The Avengers- he's done it all. He'll be seen reprising his role as Augustus Eugene Gibbons, from the previous two movies.

Deepika Padukone

She's talented, she's beautiful and she's one of the leading ladies in Bollywood and her name is Deepika Padukone. Although, she'll be completing her 9th year in Bollywood soon, she has been providing Indian audiences one blockbuster after another for the last three years alongside Popular Indian Actors like Shah Rukh Khan (in Chennai Express), Amitabh Bachchan (in Piku) and Ranbir Kapoor (in Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani). It was only a matter of time before Hollywood came calling.. and come they did! Deepika has been cast for the role of Serena in xXx 3. It would be interesting to see how she does in her 1st Hollywood venture.

Nina Dobrev

Nina's one of the brightest young talents in Hollywood. And she definitely is gorgeous! Best known known for her potrayal of Elena and her (god knows how many - I have lost count) dopplegangers in the hit Drama, The Vampire Diaries (and also for the innumerous rumours of her link-ups), took the world by storm when she decided to quit The Vampire Diaries at the end of the sixth season in order to diversify her roles. And she didn't have to wait long, as Vin Diesel came calling. She'll be seen playing the role of Rebecca "Becky" Clearidge in xXx 3.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose (best known for the potrayal of Stella Carlin in the hit Netflix Series, Orange is the New Black) will be seen as Adele Wolff in the movie.

Tony Jaa

Best known for the Ong Bak series, Tony Jaa will be seen playing the role of Talon.

Donnie Yen

Initially Jet Li was supposed to play in the role of Xiang in this movie. But after Jet Li dropped out of the movie, his loss became Donnie Yen's gain. Donnie Yen has worked in a number of popular movies, the most popular of which is Ip Man.

Ice Cube (Rumoured)

Ice Cube, who's riding high after the success of Ride Along and Straight Outta Compton, played the protagonist Darius Stone in the second film (xXx: State of the Union in 2005), could reprise his role in xXx 3. But it's not been confirmed yet.

Let us know who you are most excited to see among these actors.


Who are you most excited to see in xXx 3?


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