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Kayo's life is actually getting better this time around, but shouldn't this have been the first time?

The episode picks up where last weeks left off, only to make it clear that the person sneaking onto the bus Kayo is hiding on is the actual killer. Only he doesn't do anything he just kicks a box and leaves. We are to assume maybe because of Kayo's disappearance but that made me question, why is the hiding place for the killer's evidence on the same school bus that Kayo happened to be hiding on?? Its something that is just too coincidental.

The next day Satoru brings food and she tells him and everyone else about the person on the bus. They make a new plan to move Kayo to a better and safer location by taking her to Satoru's home. Before that they check out what is in the boxes and backpacks of the killers and find just about all the tools he use. I was surprised they just looked at them and didn't even bother to taken them to show to the police. Especially because Satoru recognized them instantly.

Satoru and Kayo make it to his house and he brings her in to show his mother. She takes her nice and makes her feel at home. The episode spends a while showing how much of a better mother Satoru's mom is than her own mom as she makes them dinner and generally shows love to her, something she has never gotten. It all leads up to the next morning where Kayo is awoken to a very nice breakfast made for her. She ends up crying because she has never been treated so kindly. It was a pretty effective moment, except for the fact that I kept thinking that this moment should've happened the first time around in the first past travel, back when there was emotion. This time around it just doesn't work as much because we pretty much can assume the fate of everything that will happen.

The episode ends with Kayo finally approaching her mother for what I would assume for the last time.

When we had a chance to go back in time again I was hoping for the series to get back to what it was good at and actually have a message to say. That notion is long gone as the show is just focused on finding who this killer is while at the same time making it pretty obvious who the main suspects should be. It is lacking any of the emotion that the first half had because the goal as changed. No longer is it about learning about Hinazuki and trying to save her from her abusive parents that would ultimately prevent her death, but now it is a bout trying to stop a possible time traveling killer.

The show continues to to lower in the quality of its story telling but does deliver a overall good presentation of the material and for that I will keep watching.

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