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  • Daredevil (Netflix)

It would be great to see a video game that puts the player in the boots of the protector of Hell's Kitchen. It would be particularly fresh because it could be one of the few explicitly violent and gritty superhero games.

A Daredevil video game would be a really dark superhero game that has the player fighting crime on a street level. Matt Murdock does not take on gigantic monsters or battle armies of alien invaders, he is just keeping his backyard tidy.

A highlight of the Netflix Original Series is a fight scene that takes place in a corridor of a gang hideout. It is Daredevil against a gang and it is filmed in one continuous shot. It is arguably the best martial arts sequence I have ever seen and it makes me think about the amazing things a developer could do with it. The fighting system could be incredible and a lot could be done to make the tone very atmospheric. Some incredible visuals could be created to illustrate Matt Murdock's sonar ability.

  • Planet Hulk

We have already had games that involve The Incredible Hulk stomping through a city, causing untold mayhem and destruction. However, to make a fresh Hulk video game that would please the masses I would argue that you have to take players on a trip to Planet Sakaar.

The story from the comics that I am referring to is when The Illuminati send Hulk into space against his will. They trick him onto a satellite under the impression that he is saving the world by destroying a rogue artificial intelligence system. They are actually sending him to a planet in distant space, somewhere he can survive peacefully with no intelligent beings for him to harm.

However, his pod strays into a wormhole and he ends up on a planet with a number of different alien races. One king rules over this entire civilisation, forcing slaves to battle enormous monsters in a gladiatorial arena. Hulk becomes a character in himself during the course of this story as he is fitted with a device that makes him able to articulate, we get to hear Hulk speak and explore the idea that he is an entirely separate person to Banner.

During the course of his incarceration Hulk finds a team of brothers in arms. This would add a really interesting element to the gameplay. The battles in The Red King's arena could involve waves of enemies attacking the group with Hulk giving commands to the rest of the group in real time. Not only that, the hack, slash and Hulk smash would be ridiculous amounts of fun. The game would be a visual treat given some of the locations and characters in the comic. Furthermore, an image on the box of Hulk wearing gladiator armour and holding a giant sword would be enough in itself to sell millions of copies.

  • The Flash (TV show)

The CW's TV adaptation of The Fastest Man Alive would be insane amounts of fun as a video game. Central City and its Earth-2 counterpart come across as really enjoyable places to hang out in. This would make them ideal open world environments for a Flash video game. Imagine if you will: speeding through the streets of Central City's pleasant and lively atmosphere. Gamers could explore the retrofuturism of the 1920's inspired Earth-2. With the wealth of meta-humans in The Flash's hometown you could have random encounters with enemies across the city.

The super speed of Barry Allen would make for some seriously fast paced, exciting gameplay, especially in boss battles against characters like Zoom and Reverse Flash. Or even adapting to a villain that does not have identical powers for example Captain Cold or The Mist. As the TV show progresses Barry Allen discovers more abilities and powers that are a product of his connection to the speedforce. This is exactly how the levelling up of a character works in a video game. If done right, a game set in The CW version of the DCU that focusses on The Flash would be fantastic.

  • Justice League (DC Cinematic Universe)

My logic for wanting a Justice League video game is based on one thing: in my head I image the most iconic DC superheroes working together on missions and it is the coolest thing ever. Specifically, I imagine it being like the heists from GTA V, in that the different members are each working on their own task to contribute to the mission. You can switch between Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman etc. at will.

The visual that comes to mind is exactly like the switching between characters in GTA V where the camera flies up into the sky and zooms back in on the hero you selected to play as. The variety in missions that could be played is endless, you could even have gigantic battles in the streets in which you can alternate between which hero you fight the army of enemies as. A multiplayer mode would make it absolutely perfect.

  • Superman: American Alien

Although there have been games focussing on Superman in the past, there has never been a Superman game quite like the one I am about to propose to you. Max Landis' retelling of Superman's origins is absolutely fascinating, it is as amazing as you expect a Superman comic written by Landis to be.

One of the reasons Landis' version of the story is so good is because it deeply explores the character of Clark Kent as well as those that surround him. There is action, but it is worked around the story, not the other way around. We have never had a story driven Superman game that is not afraid to slow the pace to get into the story and make the audience invest in the people.

It would be a treat to have a Superman game where you can explore Smallville and talk to the iconic characters, as Max Landis has said: "Character drives story". Every previous game to feature the Man of Steel had players control Kal-El at full strength. American Alien instead gives us various snapshots of Clark at different points in his life. This means you could play as him when he is young, feeling like an outsider, trying to make sense of his powers. As well as an adult trying trying to use his abilities for good. One of many interesting aspects that Landis has brought to the character is that he is slightly less indestructible to previous incarnations. Kent does not die when shot but he can be harmed. One of the problems when making a Superman game is making it compelling and challenging when the player is controlling someone that is effectively a god. This would solve that problem, it would add jeopardy to fight scenes as well as make the audience invest in the character.


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