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War is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This point has been made abundantly clear in the next film from Marvel Studios, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). The highly anticipated blockbuster sees superheroes clash as Captain America leads his team of Avengers against forces led by fellow teammate and friend: Iron Man.

There are many mystery surrounding the third Captain America film, but perhaps none is more vital than the introduction of a friendly neighborhood hero. As many know Civil War marks the introduction of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Played by newcomer Tom Holland, Spider-Man is set to appear this May and then have his own film; which is set to premiere next summer. I like many fans want to know about the wall crawler's role in Civil War, but the fact remains that this information will not be revealed until the Marvel film hits theaters. However recent information may give moviegoers a clue on Spider-Man's direction in the Summer film.

While these details are brief, WhatCulture have discovered new info on Spider-Man's appearance in Civil War. According to the site Spider-Man is set to choose side after the teams are established. It also noted that Spider-Man will befriend a particular character. Spider-Man being a neutral party in Civil War is not shocking (in fact this direction would be appropriate), but the detail that has me curious is the mysterious character that Spider-Man befriends. It is likely that this friend is going to be one of the heroes and the identity of this character could be anyone of the principal. It would be cool if this friend being turned out to a big hero like Captain America or Iron Man, but I do not think that is the case. In fact I think Spider-Man's friend will be a much smaller character.

In my opinion I think the character best suited to befriend Spider-Man is none other than Scott Lang; aka Ant-Man. Outside of the fact that both heroes are bug themed characters, I feel that Spider-Man and Ant-Man connecting could make sense. For starters it will give some direction to Scott Lang who feels like the odd man out in this whole situation. Actually because Ant-Man is a stranger in this scenario is why he seems to be the best candidate to interact with Spider-Man. In a situation that features Avengers coming together Spider-Man and Ant-Man are outsiders. With that common ground I think that there is a possibility that the bug heroes becoming friends is a high one. Though I do not believe this friendship will be a glamorous one as I think Spider-Man and Ant-Man will end up fighting one another (which I think would be a cool scene to see). If both characters end up clashing then I think it will work to the both Spider-Man and Ant-Man's advantage as it could strengthen both their individual development as well as their supposed friendship.

While this information is not vital to Civil War's details, I think it could be pivotal for a character like Spider-Man. Having Spider-Man make a friend in the upcoming film is good way for the Wall Crawler to get acquainted with the massive ensemble that makes up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While I like to see Spider-Man form a connection with Ant-Man, this is only my speculation senses tingling as details dealing with this iconic character will not be revealed until later this year; but it is good to have some information pertaining to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters on May 6th.


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