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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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Courage. Commitment. Perseverance. Those are the words that come to mind when I think about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. Against all the odds Eddie never once gave up on his dreams on becoming an Olympic athlete.



Eddie Edwards never once gave up on making his dreams a reality. From the beginning of the movie we see Eddie as a child, dedicated on becoming an Olympic athlete despite being born with bad knees. Through trial and error we see him improve and shine. One of my favorite parts about this movie was watching the commitment and heart Eddie had when it came to overcoming certain obstacles in his life. From Eddie trying repeatedly throughout the story to get his father's support in joining the games and proving to the British Olympic committee that he was a worthy enough athlete to compete to getting Bronson Peary's (Hugh Jackman) seal of approval in becoming a ski jumper in the winter Olympics.

Actor Taron Edgerton showed us (the audience) that he was more than a handsome tough-guy lead; he could play the part of a soul searching for acceptance among his peers.



I can't tell you how many times both myself and the audience had a 'Holy, s**t!' moment. Director Dexter Fletcher has an eye on making the viewer feel like they're actually at the peak of a 90m (295 feet 3.307 inches!) hill. Every bump, bruise and broken bone Eddie suffered felt it too. There's an interesting "love triangle" in this movie, but it's not between three people. It's between man, his inner fears, and nature. See, we watch Edwards fight for his love of ski jumping, but his fears of failing and being humiliated holds him back. He must learn to love himself and have courage. The hills are a completely different monster all together. They can physically hurt Eddie (and they do) but he won't give up because he loves this too much to quit

This is when courage meets commitment.



Despite being physically, mentally and emotionally torn apart throughout this story our protagonist still prevails. He doesn't necessarily "win" the gold, instead he wins by accomplishing something that nobody else besides himself thought he could. To me that means a lot more than a cliché story about being number one. Eddie the Eagle is a true story about a person doing something they love. I can honestly relate to this story without ever skiing or having a dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

Do what makes you happy. There will people within your life that'll call your ideas and your way of thinking stupid. Yet, it doesn't matter what they think. Always remember that...

I'm glad I was invited to the press-screening for Eddie the Eagle. This movie delivered an awesome heart-felt story filled with drama, excitement and great cinematography. If you're looking for a movie for the family or perhaps you're down and looking for some motivation. Check out 'Eddie the Eagle' in theaters February 26, 2016.


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