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I've watched this episode yesterday and I was at the same time excited and dissapointed. I mean I was so happy that Crystal came back even if it was only for this episode, but I counted on something more about The Beast in the present. I love the flashbacks and the history about La Bête du Gévaudan, it's amazing. However I don't believe it's Mason, who is The Beast. I think that someone was really smart and dropped him this bloody shoes. I am not saying that it isn't possible that he is The Beast, cause it is. I just wouldn't like it, if he was. Then comes Layden... Sorry guys as much as I love Liam, I don't like Hayden. I mean I don't trust her, but I think that in a matter of time she would earn my trust. Ofcourse if she won't screwed something up. I have to say that I'm also incredibly worried about Kira and her Kitsune problem, cause in this Beast Affair only thing that they need is Fox out of control. And finally I hope that in next episodes I will see more Stydia!! I ship them so much, however I like Lydia with Parrish too :) Can't wait for next episode, I want today to be tuesday!! Now pics for you:

And I'll give you Scott's and The Beast's fight

Thank you for your attention :)



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