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We review movies all the time. We rely on reviews to tell us if a movie is waste of our hard earned money or not. But I feel it is unfair to only judge movies one by one. We hear people complaining about Hollywood all the time. Weather it's about sequels, reboots, remakes, or whatever. So I am here to do the dirty work. Let's go!

Reboots, Remakes, & Sequels

Alright, um, how to start this. Hollywood, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you. You really have to get it together. You have your good moments, but over all, I am not impressed. You started off strong, good original movies, but you really have fallen far. We all end up in ruts, but you are just sad. All the reboots, all the remakes, all the sequels, put your thinking caps on! Come up with an out of the box idea. It's hard to come up with something completely original, but it is better to be compared to something else then to kiss the ground of some previously success ideas. Like the new Ghostbutsters movie coming out, I'm sorry, but it doesn't need to be made. Roadhouse remake, doesn't need to be made, Jumanji doesn't need a remake, Labyrinth doesn't need a remake, STOP WITH THE REMAKES! You have so much potential and you are wasting it! I used to be so proud of you, making movies like, The Breakfast Club, Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pulp Fiction, great movies like that! You used to be so great! Youthful, full of ambition, goals, and excitement! Now your just cranky and will do anything for a quick buck. You don't care if it screws up your image, your reputation, your popularity, as long as you have people talking and you're getting money, why bother caring?

Continuing an already existing genre does not count as a remake or reboot. In the situation of Star Wars, it doesn't apply, because they are on the same timeline. But in the past decade, we have had three different Spidermen in three different film "universes". Thats crazy! Yes, Ghostbusters fits into this category, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Think about it, who would want a Godfather Part Four, or a Rocky Seven (Creed doesn't count), or more Transformers, or more Pirates of the Caribbean, more Shrek, more Toy Story, more Ice Age, JUST LET IT DIE!! Continuing a series for the sake of money just does not make you look good Hollywood. As the fashion people would say, "That color of desperate does not go with that shade of gold digger". Please, please listen to us Hollywood. We can fix you, rebuild you, better, faster, stronger, be better than you ever once were.

There are some times where adding more to an already done series is okay. It's called supply and demand. If it is wanted, make it. Good example, Toy Story 3. Toy Story 2 could have been a fine ending, but people wanted a movie that wrapped up the series and brought the story to an end. Now the film itself wasn't the best until the end where almost everyone and their mom was crying, but that's a whole different story. Bad example, Toy Story 4. Raise your hand if you wanted a Toy Story 4 movie about Woody and Little Bow Peeps relationship? Anyone? Bueller? Didn't think so. We already ended the story. We already said our goodbyes. Your just picked at a closed wound. Do you know what happens when you pick at a closed wound too much Hollywood? You get scars, and they don't go away. When there is no need for a movie, don't make it! I get it Hollywood, I do, you're money hungry. Aren't we all? But that doesn't mean just because a franchise did good, you can go and plan the next five sequels! "Hey the movie Bob's Tale of Tomorrow did great, so let's get the copyright for Bob's Tale of Today, Bob's Tale of Yesterday, Bob's Tale of the Day Before Yesterday, and Bob's Tale of Tomorrow: In Space, and they will all be 3D so people will pay double for a terrible gimmick that just makes the picture slightly darker and lets us use way to much depth of field". It's just in poor taste Hollywood. The closest thing to a fully original movie movie recently was Birdman, and it was technically a superhero movie! We also had Whiplash, which was very original. But movies like The Revenant, are not as original as they seem. The Revenant is a slightly modified, more dark and depressing version of The Grey!

Superhero Movies

Now some people are probably wondering at this point, "Where do superhero movies fit into all of this?". They are the biggest genre in Hollywood and they will milk it for whatever they can. Superhero movies are not bad for Hollywood. But the mass quantity of attention they get is just enough to give me a headache. We have around five superhero movies coming out this year, and I can name almost all of them - Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Doctor Strange, and of course, Suicide Squad. I can name superhero movies that aren't coming out for years! Movies like, Captain Marvel, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Wolverine 3, Gambit, Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, and more! There is nothing wrong with that. But name the big drama movies coming out. Name the comedy movies coming out. You can't, and I'm not asking you to be able to name every movie coming out this year, but there is always a movie projected to be big, when you go looking for it.

Another big issue with superhero movies that I will go more in depth with in part two, is typecasting. The only reason I am bringing it up here, is because superhero movies are a major cause of this. We all know and love Robert Downey Jr, and we love him as Iron Man, he is Iron Man, and that's the problem. Who see Robert Downey Jr in a movie and go "Oh look it's Sherlock Holmes!", almost nobody. Everyone sees him and goes "Oh look It's Iron Man!". Who came to know Chris Evans from Snowpiercer? No, to most people he is either Captain America or (God forbid) the Human Torch.

Typecasting not only affects the actor's career, but it effects the actors after them! Hugh Jackman has said he will not be playing Wolverine any more after Wolverine 3. So not only will Hugh be refereed to as Wolverine for the rest of his career no matter what he does, but the actor that replaces him will get so much hate! "You're not as good as Hugh Jackman! You aren't Wolverine! You can never replace Hugh!" It's crazy.

Recap of Part One

That was a lot to read so it's time to bring this all together and wrap it with a nice little bow. First, stop it. Just stop it. No more reboots, no more remakes, and stop adding to a series just for the hell of it! If there is a demand, supply, if not, don't waste your time and money. I find your lack of originality disturbing.

Superhero movies are good. We all know that. We love them. But CHILL OUT! They take up all marketing, they are the the biggest part of Hollywood even though only four or five come out each year. They make it so people don't pay attention to other great movies coming out. Plus they are a huge reason as to why we have typecasting, which really messes up the career or many actors.

What to Expect In Part Two!

In part two we will touch on comedy movies, horror movies, talk more on typecasting, and more!


What do you think of Hollywood and where it's at?

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