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Modern Storytelling , We are part of a movie community. Let me tell you a story...

Just another normal Friday night on the island of Curacao. Two lovers, with no money to pay for a Hotel room were looking for a place where they could get intimate. The boy being Fernando , and the girl Cristina. Both born and raised on the island. Fernando and Cristina have been going out for a while now , 4 months to be exact. Fernando who just recently got he's drivers license , wanted to take Cristina out , so they could finally get intimate. Cristina who didn't want their first time to be at her parent's house or at Fernando's, asked Fernando to wait until they could go someplace else. So tonight would be the night , the night that Fernando would go all the way ... Or so he thought.

Fernando picked up Cristina from her house , and told her parents that they are going to see a movie at the Cinemas. Cristina asked Fernando while he was driving " honey where are we going ? ". Fernando replied: " Well babe Tommy told me about this private beach that almost no one knows about ". And Cristina asked : " Nando , Are you sure it's safe ? " . Fernando being the macho man type , said in a smooth talker type of voice that everything would be okay as long he is by her side.

While driving , Cristina noticed that the road to get to this private beach was rocky , and very far away from the City lights. They drove past a public beach , driving through dirt roads and they passed by a very old & abandoned spooky looking Manor. The natives call it "LandHuis". (Quick History Lesson): Islands like Curacao , Aruba etc."Netherlands Antilles" was used for slave trade. Africans were sold into slavery, they would work as slaves and eventually die here at these Manors "LandHuizen".

So back to the story , Fernando & Cristina arrived. It was dark , no city lights for miles. Only the full moon to illuminate their surroundings. To get to the beach , you had to park your car and walk the rest of the way. Cristina was scared to get out of the car , once again macho man Fernando re-assured Cristina that she would be safe . So after 11 minutes of convincing , Cristina finally got the courage to get out of the car. They grabbed the towels that Fernando brought along and they walked , and walked mean while hearing very distant cries in the wind and moving things. Macho man calmed Cristina down by telling her it is only the wind. But was it ... was it only the wind ?

After few minutes of walking , the two lovers finally reached the private beach that Tommy told Fernando about. Cristina laid the two towels down on the sand, one for Fernando and one for herself. Cristina once again asking Fernando "are you sure we are safe here ? " Fernando told her what she wanted to hear and they began to kiss , ow how they kissed and touched. Making Cristina forget all about the distant cries , and moving things in the nearby forest.

After a few minutes of intimate kissing and touching , Fernando opened his eyes and saw something strange on the beach , only a few feet from where they laid. Fernando grabbed his phone and turned on the Flashlight. Cristina who saw Fernando's worried face turned around to see what Fernando was looking at. Fernando pointed his flashlight on the strange unknown object he saw and ... and ... they both looked at each other and were speechless. They could not believe their own eyes. Cristina finally broke silence and said " Nando what the Hell is that ? , I can't be seeing what I think I am seeing ". Fernando who lost all color , was still in shock. He told Cristina " grab our things now !!" while still looking at this ... this ... this floating little girl with braided pig tails, dirty white clothes, chains on her legs and eyes as black as night.

(Keep in mind that at this moment Fernando & Cristina did not tell each other what they saw. What was clear that both were seeing something). Cristina did what Fernando told her, and both started to walk away from the beach, mean while Fernando still had the phone's flashlight pointing on this floating little girl. Cristina starts to yell at Fernando " Fernando let's go , stop looking at it. The floating girl started to move closer and closer. Fernando grabbed her hand and told her to run for it. Cristina dropped both towels and the lover ran till they reached the car. Fernando started the car , and Cristina used Fernando's phone to see if anything was following them. She could not see anything. They drove off like a couple of bats out of hell.

Both didn't say a word till they reached city lights. Cristina broke the silence by saying "Fernando what did you see?" When he described what he saw. She told him that she saw exactly the same thing , but could not believe her eyes.

At that moment they both heard a sound in the back of the car. Fernando stopped the car in front of a house. Cristina and Fernando both got out to check the back. Opened the back door and saw the towels that they left at the beach , and those chains ...

Based on True Events that took place at Willemstad , Curacao 2015.

written by. Leandro Huerta


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