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First of all let's talk about the matter of age. Luke may look old as balls in Star Wars Episode 7 but he's canonically only at some point in his fifties, and interestingly enough the font of all knowledge, Wookieepedia, puts the birth date of both him and Ezra Bridger at nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin making them the same age. This eliminates the possibility that Ezra dies of old age before the new trilogy finishes and the rest of the gang aren't that much older (except for Zeb) than him so it likely excludes them, too.

Unfortunately it won't be that easy.

All of the events of the main movies centre around the exploits of the (in)famous Skywalker family and how they’re always the ones that are supposed to save the galaxy (slaughtering their way through thousands of minions in the process) and all that jazz. In the prequels we get Anakin being moody and ruining things for people, in the original trilogy we witness the plucky Luke and Leia defeat the evil Empire, and in the sequels we now have the extra-moody Kylo Ren (technically a Solo) and possibly Rey.

The contributions of any other Jedi, if they’re still alive, aren’t worth squat next to the vaunted Skywalkers.

Skywalker: four generations of manifest destiny...
Skywalker: four generations of manifest destiny...

This would probably be declared the end of the matter if it weren’t for the inauguration of the ‘Anthology’ series in December this year. It takes the unusual approach of dispensing with the Skywalkers entirely to focus on the little people who make the big achievements; in the case of Rogue One it chronicles the first victory in the history of the Rebel Alliance, the theft of the Death Star plans a few months before its destruction.

Considering Ezra and the other Spectres pretty much threw themselves into the fledgling rebellion (after a little coaxing, in some cases), then it‘s entirely possible that they may get at least a cameo role, although that may just be wishful thinking on my part. The whole point of Rogue One is to move away from Force users for a while, of which the Spectres can count two, not to mention some other members of the rebellion.

Let’s be honest, Ezra and Kanan were never really that accomplished at keeping the Jedi thing a secret, so if they were involved in the theft of the Death Star plans then people would know.

That’s not to say the others couldn’t get involved. After all, Sabine is a weapons expert, Hera is a skilled pilot, and Zeb can rip a man’s arms off; all of which are things you need when conducting one of the most daring raids against an Imperial target thus far. I doubt that they’d do anything without the back-up of the rest of the Spectres, though.

Writing that also makes me wonder what role the Spectres had in the later conflicts of the Rebel Alliance, because after the events of Rogue One things escalated pretty quickly if you ask me. The war evolved from a series of skirmishes and raids into outright pitched battles on land and in space, which would be pretty hard to ignore. Thus far in the series the Spectres have been very much of the hit-and-run, small-scale raids persuasion.

I like to think that during these conflicts the Spectres were doing stuff on the fringes of the main storyline, using the stealth capabilities of Ghost to do what it does best and smuggle all sorts of useful things for the Rebellion. Say… such a ship would be useful for getting stolen plans to their destination…

No! Stop it, Jacob! We all know it was Princess Leia and the Tantive IV that got the Death Star plans where they were going. But maybe they needed something special to get the plans from the surface to the Tantive IV? Hmm…

I guess we’ll just have to see about that.

Pictured: the superior blockade runner.
Pictured: the superior blockade runner.

As for the main series, the inclusion of the Spectres will probably remain the stuff of good dreams and bad fanfiction. It would be wonderful, I admit, to see Ezra discussing the ways of the Force with Luke, and maybe even consulting a wizened old Master Kanan when things go predictably tits-over-arse like they always do. Not to mention that watching an even older and even more crotchety Chopper get into another fight with R2-D2 would be absolutely hilarious.

If we never see the gang in any of the main run of live action movies then it could be for a number of reasons, the most depressing of which would be that the whole lot of them got killed by the Empire by the time Luke joins the Rebellion...

Another, rather more pleasant, reason is that due to their strong connection to the planet Lothal they decided that they would continue their fight against the Empire on a local level rather than joining the wider conflict. After the destruction of the Death Star it’s entirely possible that shit had gotten very real on Lothal as the Empire tried to compensate for being put on the back foot by tightening its grip (especially considering certain valuable aspects of the planet), in which case it would need the Spectres more than ever.

After the Civil War ended it’s easy to believe that the gang decided to stick around and help rebuild, bringing the planet into the prosperity of the New Republic, eventually maybe even being appointed to prominent positions in its governance. Imagine that: Governor Ezra Bridger. Or maybe even Senator Ezra Bridger. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Perhaps he and Kanan start up their own Jedi academy on Lothal, though that’s another thing I doubt will ever happen considering the franchise’s tendency to pull focus on the Skywalkers. But why should Luke do all of the training? It’s also probable that Luke never even knew about the Spectres and their Jedi members, so two independent academies could work without ever having contact. The galaxy is a big place after all.

Oh bugger, this turned into some sort of weird fan theory really fast, didn’t it?

To get back on track we may as well wrap this thing up with a bit of a conclusion. Though it would be wonderful to see live-action versions of the gang, especially considering they’re canon in the Star Wars continuity, their concerns are far removed from the wider shenanigans of the Skywalker clan and it will probably never happen.

Can always hold out hope, though.


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