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Jamie Hallam

That big question mark has now been answered! YUP! The actor playing Iron Fist is none other than well-known actor Finn Jones, you may remember him from such TV programmes as GOT & British drama Hollyoaks!

Iron Fist, born to a well-known businessman, after a trip that ended in a freak accident, with a weird bridge & a pack of wolves attacking Dan, his mother protects him & Dan expresses his desire for vengeance, Yu-Ti apprentices him to Lei Kung, Dan proves himself to be the most gifted and is given the chance to attain the ‘Iron Fist’ power by fighting and defeating a dragon named Shou-Lao!

During the battle, Daniel throws himself against the scar of Shou-Lao, which burns a dragon tattoo on his chest. Having killed Shou-Lao, he enters its cave and plunges his fists into a brazier containing the creature’s molten heart, emerging with the power of the Iron Fist.

So why is Iron Fist a big deal? well, he helps form part of the Defenders, who are they? you’ve met 3 members already, Daredevil, Jessica Jones AkA Jewel & Luke Cage. The last piece to the puzzle is Iron Fist, & with his casting now set in stone it bodes well, as we can soon expect dates for 2017!


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