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Awesome games get released every year and they all have something to offer to the gaming landscape either in the realm of graphics, storytelling, or general game play. For the most part, though, a lot of games borrow elements from each other and there a standard aesthetic starts forming. Every now and again, though, a game comes out that brings something refreshingly new to the landscape. SUPERHOT just so happens to be one of those games.

It's just gone live today and it's already garnering a lot of positive reviews. While it's not a complete departure from familiar FPS elements, it offers a unique enough gaming experience that it definitely stands out as a title. The biggest draw of SUPERHOT outside of its sleek visuals is how the game actually flows. Time moves only when you move which means that you have enough time to think out the perfect line of attack to get the most killing potential out of your moves. It's a practice in violent efficiency that I can definitely get behind.

The game's flow does take some getting used. Philip Kollar of Polygon described the experience as disorienting at first but once you get the hang of it there's a certain satisfaction in nailing the execution. Another cool (or potentially rage inducing) aspect of the game is that it only takes one hit for you to die. This helps up the difficulty and presses forward the need to really have a solid plan in your head before you make any moves. It's like chess mixed in with high impact visuals and a lot of murderdeath.

Overall, the game looks to be a solid offering to the gaming world and is a beautiful blend of form and function. What a lot of reviewers are impressed with is the idea that just as the game encourages its players to not waste any moves, the game itself doesn't waste any of its moves either. The game is being widely praised for successfully expanding on an idea that, at first blush, seemed like a one trick pony. To think it all started with a small tech demo and a Kickstarter campaign. Big props to the SUPERHOT team for coming out with this gem. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to attempt a no-death run for the rest of the day.

SUPERHOT is available now for Windows, Linux, MAC, and Xbox One.


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