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How do you make a good "sports" movie? Well, there are a few things you need. You need a good story, possibly an underdog if you can, a big name actor in a leading role, and a happy ending. Think I'm wrong? Think of a sports movie you love, odds are it has those components. Now there's nothing wrong with all that, it's smart for business actually, but for movie goers, myself included, it can get a bit old.

Admittedly, going into this movie I wasn't expecting much more from it. I thought it was just any other sports movies, which I do enjoy, but I wasn't counting on one thing, Eddie.

Michael "Eddie" Edwards isn't like your typical athlete. Eddie is an athlete we can all relate to, and that's why he captured so many people's hearts while he was competing. Taron Egerton gives an excellent performance that proves he can take charge of a movie and make it his own. From his first moment on screen you understand his character and the determination he has to accomplish his dream of being an Olympian. Egerton transforms into a character that everyone can fall in love with and relate to. Hugh Jackman plays Bronson Peary, an American athlete who has lost his ways and at first wants nothing to do with Eddie. Once Peary realizes the dedication and heart Eddie has, the two work together to prove to the world they deserve to go to the Olympics. I feared as I watched the film that Hugh Jackman would out shine Egerton, but this was not the case. The two worked seamlessly together, from the scenes of laughter, to the scenes of tears.

If I have to give some criticism to the movie, I'm not sure they gave the story, nor its character, Eddie, as much justice as was deserved. Don't misunderstand, the movie was very well written and will have you standing by the end cheering for "Eddie the Eagle", trust me, but after you see the movie, which you most certainly should do, I encourage you to do some research. I believe what makes Eddie so lovable and so relatable, is that he fails. All throughout the film you see him fail, but that's what we all do. What makes him so different is that he stands back up. Amidst the vast majority of people telling him he can't do it or that he should stop, he gets back on that hill and tries again. In a time when every movie has a superhero, it's refreshing to watch a film that has a hero we can actually aspire to be like.


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