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With the confirmed casting of Netflix's upcoming Marvel show, Iron Fist, it's only fitting to give 9 facts about the man with the dragon scar that you may not yet know.

1. He's a team player

The Defenders! Nick Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jewel
The Defenders! Nick Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jewel

Iron has fought alongside a list of reputable teams, as well as his initial team-up with Luke Cage, as he was, of course, a hero for hire. He later decided to create a much larger team under the same name, which included a plethora of heroes over the years.

As well as his work with Mr. Cage, Dan has been a part of the New Avengers & also a secret avenger! He even donned the look of Daredevil! We'll elaborate below. He was one of the Defenders, a team of heroes originally brought together by Doctor Strange, to defeat the more mythical side of evil & it bodes well given this is what Netflix are stringing together at this very moment in time! It can be presumed that these will be connected to the Doctor Strange movie released in October!

2. Daredevil


Daredevil? It all started as a classic superhero Gambit to prove that Matt Murdock was not Daredevil. Of course, every comic fan knows that Murdock is, of course, Daredevil, but when police figured it out, they threw Matt in prison, Iron Fist was then hired to dress as the man in red and do a little bit of crime fighting on his behalf. This not only proved a point but got Murdock exonerated! In other words, he was free. This was done under Matt's nose and it led to him breaking out and challenging Iron Fist.

After realising it was Dan, Matt got on board pretty quickly and used this to his advantage to find Foggy's killer.

3. Team Cap

Civil War is all on our minds, but when the events were taking place in the comics, Dan was still pretending to be DD, as he took Cap's side against the registration. He later joined the Secret Avengers that he fought in the final battle of Civil War. After the dust soon settled, Iron Fist (again) joined the New Avengers and with his old friend Luke Cage.

It's a shame these guys can't be in the actual Civil War film! Best have our fingers crossed for Infinity Wars!

4. K'un Lun

After Dan lost his parents in a freak accident, he was discovered by the people of K'un Lun and brought to the city. He was a resident for 10 years, he only left after becoming the ever so powerful Iron Fist.

K'un Lun itself appears in Tibet and only exists in a different dimension! The city is actually built from a UFO that crashed in this other dimension around a million years ago. The people of the ship spread out, taking parts of the ship and built a city! K'un Lun came to be one of the 7 capital cities of heaven!

5. The Girl

He had a girlfriend (cue the 'awwww'). Dan is well known for his relationship with Misty Knight - a former cop whose arm was taken clean off while in the line of duty. Mr. Stark then created her very own Iron Woman arm! Awesome! She was then stuck behind a desk on the force. Misty soon left the police force and did a Jessica Jones and became a P.I., I guess this bodes well as she's set to show up in Luke Cage. They first met when Dan was framed for murder and he hired her to clear his name

(Simmone Missick is set to play her)

6. Luke Cage

These 2 became friends when Cage was blackmailed by a character called Bushmaster into attacking Misty Knight. Iron Fist, of course, helped to defend her and Iron Fist came to learn of Cage & his predicament. Both Iron Fist & Misty work to clear his name before the two joined forces.

The pair were extremely successful as a crime fighting team, Cage even visited K'un Lung when Dan was struck down with radiation poisoning. Their partnership ended abruptly when Iron Fist appeared to have been killed and Cage was the man who got the blame.

7. Shou-Lao

Most of the heroes we read about are either born brilliant or they are mutated, so Deadpool was always a badass, but his mutation means he can never truly be hurt, Thor was born a god? But Danny Rand (AkA Iron Fist) had to fight a dragon! Yes, that's right, he had to fight a dragon (pictured) called Shou-Lao - an immortal dragon who grants the powers of the Iron Fist to anyone who is able to beat her.

When Dan battled the beast at the young age of 19, he defeated her when he pressed his chest against the dragons, then cut off the life energy to her heart, which is actually separate from her body. Not only did he beat her, but he ultimately got that kickass scar due to the initial burn. Did I mention it was in the shape of a dragon?

8. Powers

Like his awesome martial arts wasn't enough? But the Iron Fist actually gives Danny powers based on mystical energy. What does this mean? Well, he is able to control and focus his 'Chi' to augment his capabilities, thus giving him superhuman powers. He can enhance his strength, speed, strength, stamina, durability, awareness and reflexes thus making him unbeatable.

When focusing 'Chi' this will allow Iron Fist to heal from almost any injury and I say almost. This can have an adverse effect and drain him if the injuries are extensive! Plus the guy also still feels pain! His signature move is called, funnily enough, the 'Iron Fist Punch'- it's a superhuman punch created through the channeling of Chi to make his fist both incredibly strong and impervious to injury.

Hopefully, this information should have increased the hype for the upcoming Netflix series. Iron Fist is one of the most badass Marvel heroes around, and I can't wait to see him on screen!


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