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Virtual reality is the way of the future, and it appears as if Netflix wants in on it, too. According to Trusted Reviews, an executive for Netflix spoke during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and mentioned that the network is very interested in VR.

Chris Jaffe, Netflix's vice president of product innovation, shared with reporters that in its early days, VR started out with a deep connection to gaming, but now Netflix is focused on using this medium for storytelling.

Programming in 4K and HDR and new mobile apps are currently being tested. MobileSyrup explained that Netflix's iOS app will allow for users to have hands-on managing of their mobile data usage. This would be incredibly useful for those streaming over a mobile network.

Netflix is also planning on having a new second-screen experience with its mobile apps. This will enable users to find out which actors are in the shows they're watching, as well as fill them in on the actors' bios.

Just when I think we've done all we can with technology, we somehow come up with much, much more. I am continually impressed by the brains that somehow see what we need in the future and that continue to push technological boundaries.

As an side note, I absolutely wouldn't mind watching Sons Of Anarchy and looking at Charlie Hunnam's tight ass in VR.

[Source: Variety]


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