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Survivor is back with its second incarnation of Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty, and along with it has come Caleb, everyone's favorite "Beast Mode Cowboy" from Big Brother. Check out his Survivor introduction below:


Caleb was one of my favorites on Big Brother season 16. He was always up to something and was generally hilarious and entertaining. Now that he is on Survivor as part of the Beauty Tribe, he is once again showcasing his amazing challenge skills. Watch Caleb race ahead of everyone in this challenge from the second episode!


For anyone who watched him on Big Brother, Caleb's speed and challenge prowess are once again standing out from the crowd. He's already lead his team to two victories and has so far avoided going to a tribal council. During his time on Big Brother, he was never much of a strategist, so I don't expect him to be one on Survivor either; but I do expect him to bring a lot of laughs with his quirky personality and fantastic athleticism. For anyone who missed him on Big Brother, or would like to revisit his best moments, this post is for you. Read on to see why Caleb is such a great contestant!

Caleb showed up on Big Brother 16 as a southern charmer who only had eyes for Amber. Much of his story for the first several weeks was his unrequited obsession with Amber, who was just not interested. Amber treated Caleb with the same amount of disdain as Belle gave Gaston; you can watch the entirety of their "no-mance" below:


Once Amber was evicted from the house, more of Caleb's fun, quirky personality began to shine. In several episodes, Caleb showed off his ninja skills:


And Judy chops:


He also had one phrase he just couldn't quit saying:


And he couldn't resist terrorizing the other house guests:



Or dancing with Frankie, singer Ariana Grande's older brother:


In short, Caleb brought a lot of fun and life to BB16 and he's already showing that same capacity to entertain and compete on Survivor. I hope he goes far because I love watching him and his antics. Keep winning, Caleb, and good luck!

Did you watch Caleb on Big Brother? What were your favorite "Beast Mode Cowboy" moments? Will you watch his Survivor season? Comment below!!


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