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Who doesn't love a good weapon? We all have had that conversation with our nerd buddies where we talk about what weapons we would want in a zombie apocalypse (Guns and katanas). So we all know what weapons are. Some of the best weapons are in fictional movies and we just wish we could get our hands on them. So today, I bring to you, not one, not two, but five real life weapons from the movies!

3: Spring Loaded Batarang


I am a huge Batman fan, and so this one made me really happy. We have all seen Batman pull out his folded up batarang, open it up and throw it like a total bad ass! Well CGI is no longer needed for this effect, because a man, a very smart man, made a spring loaded batarang! Give this man an award (and some money so he can make a grappling hook)!

Source: LaserGadets (Youtube)

2: Wolverine Claws


What do you think is easier, getting wolverines claws, or his fantastic facial hair? Well this guy makes it look like the claws, ( but trust me, it's the facial hair, I've done it). Now of course the claws aren't actually metal bones that come out of your skin, but shouldn't we be thankful that is the case? Since the first movie with Wolverine came out, everyone and their father has wanted to be like Wolverine. Now thanks to this guy, we are one step closer!

Source: colinfurze (Youtube)

1: Lightsaber!!!


Last and most certainly not least... lightsabers! Yes! Freaking lightsabers! do you remember that guy on youtube a while ago who made the real Thor's hammer with a thumb print scanner and some heavy battery? Well he is back! He has made a real life lightsaber! Is it exactly like the movies? No, but this is the best we are going to get until science catches up with our imaginations. STEP UP YOUR GAME SCIENCE!! I want to meet this guy, shake his hand, and thank him for his work.

Source: Sufficiently Advanced (Youtube)

What do you think? Where should science go next? Has it already gone too far? Let us know in the comments below!


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