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So, as many of you know, Eddie the Eagle is flying into theaters tomorrow and it is currently being met with public adoration with . However, the film, to be honest, doesn't really end. In case you don't know, Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards was a ski jumper who revived ski jumping in Great Britain and placed near dead last in the 1988 Calgary Olympics. However, where is the plasterer turned ski jumper now?

He went into a series of odd celebrity jobs after Calgary

After the Calgary Olympics, Eddie was given a non-victory parade in Cheltenham, was on The Tonight Show, and was even given a sponsorship deal with Eagle Airlines. However, he soon threw himself into odd jobs, with the same drive as Ski Jumping. He opened shopping malls, judging beauty contests, and getting himself shot out of cannons.

Even Devon Tourism paid him to appear in an Eagle Suit to promote, but there was none to be found. Edwards used a chicken suit instead. But wait, it gets better.

Eddie the Eagle became a popstar

You heard me, Eddie the Eagle Edwards, went from poultry to popstar. This was his first single, written by Viva Las Vegas writer Mort Shuman. However, this wasn't his first odd and odder job. He went from pop star, to lawyer, to motivational speaker, to well... he's still Eddie the Eagle, I'll tell you that. But don't think that he has given up Ski Jumping. In fact, he's back at the Jump to promote his biopic.

I wouldn't worry though, he seems to be having a blast!


Are you going to see Eddie the Eagle in theaters tomorrow?


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