ByRolie Hernandez, writer at
Rolie Hernandez

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this week, and with this achievement in history, Nintendo has decided to broadcast on February 26 Pokemon Direct. A five-minute video that will premiere the latest PokeNews, but to our happiness, some of this upcoming news has been leaked!

Nintendo has requested two new title registrations in the European Market on February 25! What were these two titles you ask? Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun! Little is known about these upcoming titles, but what can we expect of Nintendo? With their upcoming milestone, the announcement of a new game is right up the alley of something Nintendo would do. What exactly could these titles include? When I hear the names Sun & Moon there is one duo that I think of.


And Lunatone!

Could these two mysterious Pokemon be the center of these new games? Could they possibly gain a mega-evolution in these new titles? According to many pokedex entries, Lunatone and Solrock are believed to originally be from space. Could these new entries explore that theory? There are countless possibilities for these upcoming titles we wont know until its officially released, but until then we can begin to theorize and fantasize with ease.

Many fans (such as myself), believe this to be the start of a new generation. A completely new region with unique Pokemon. With new faces and new ideas, I'm hoping Pokemon Sun and Moon will be everything we want from a Pokemon game.


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