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We have had some great movies come out in the past 100+ years. Movies like, Catwoman, Daredevil, Birdemic, The Sharknado Trilogy, and every Adam Sandler movie. But there are some of those movies that are just, too good. Those movies that people like too much, and need to brought down a couple pegs. If you want to know about some of the most underrated movies, click here. Now, this is all my personal opinion, if you feel different, let me know in the comments why! (Nicely). Now, lets get going!

3: Any Quentin tarantino Movie

I'm sorry, but his movies are just way over-hyped. Are they good? Yes. Are they fantastic? In some cases. Are they all they're cracked up to be? Not Really. He is a very talented guy, and makes great movies. But just not as good as they are lead on to be. I feel like a hypocrite writing these words, because Pulp Fiction is one of my favorites, but I also know it's not the best movie ever and has its issues.

7.5/10 (Yes I just rated the mans whole career)

2: Forrest Gump

Again, I feel like a hypocrite for this because I recommended this movie in one of my past posts. But just because a movie is overrated doesn't mean it's not good. It was a good movie. He was the same at the end of the movie as he was in the beginning. It was like a bunch of TV show episodes put together into one movie. One episode was a war episode, one was a marathon episode, so on and so forth.


1: The Avengers

I liked this movie, but honestly, not that much. I found it to be just meh. The fighting was okay, the character development was sub-par, and it just fell flat to me. So the fact it is said to be the best superhero movie by many a people, for me this one was very overrated. They took much time getting the team together, they didn't really have a fight with Loki they just had Hulk kick his ass and boom done. I feel like marvel went "Well we aren't going to have Hulk in too many other movies so lets make sure he gets his fair share in this one." It just seemed, meshed.


What Do you think? Do you think I'm a crazy guy who doesn't know what a proper movie looks like? Let us know in the comments below!


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