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With the recent booming success of Deadpool and the constant hype still surrounding its rating, I've decided to throw together a list of the top 7 R-rated comic book movies! Keep in mind, this list is purely my opinion, based on a clear thought. I've considered every aspect of the film, from how much money it made in the box office to the general review of the film. That being said, please enjoy.

7. '300' (Zack Snyder, 2006)

Inspired by the 1998 comic book limited series, 300 is certainly not a film for everyone. It is chock full of amazing camera work and special effects, (including Gerard Butler's abs!). This movie was intense throughout, and every shot seemed to be perfectly calculated, almost like a work of art. Despite the violence, this movie was and still is extremely enjoyable. 10 years ago when this movie came out, people were talking about it the way they talk about Deadpool today.

6. 'Kick-Ass' (Matthew Vaughn, 2010)

This movie receives more negative comments than it deserves. It was based on the 2008 comic of the same name, and was a fairly big hit. This film contained great visuals and characters, who could forget those fight scenes and Hit-Girl's foul mouth? Not to mention Nicholas Cage's performance! For an actor that gets such a bad rep from his not so glorious time as the Ghost Rider, he really proved that he isn't some talentless brood. If you haven't seen Kick-Ass, I highly recommend that you give it a watch. Just do yourself a favor and don't expect too much from the sequel. (Save for Jim Carrey, yet another brilliantly delivered performance.)

5. 'Blade' (Stephen Norrington, 1998)

This list just would not be complete if I didn't include 1998's Blade. What can I say? When Wesley Snipes took the mantle of everybody's favorite half-vampire, he really took a 'bite' out of the expectations. (See what I did there?) The trilogy itself seems to lose momentum as it goes, Blade 2 being a slight exception, but without a doubt, Blade really set the stage for all rated R comic book movies to come.

4. 'Sin City' (Frank Miller, 2005)

This film is my shameless personal favorite pick. It is the perfect blend of action and film noir combined with the masterful direction of Frank Miller. This movie provided excellent character development, with amazing performances from Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Mickey Rourke, just to drop a few names. Being a black and white film, I believe this film didn't have as big of an impact as it should have, due to that type of movie just not being most people's cup of tea. However if you find yourself to be a fan of film-noir this is definitely a movie you should be checking out.

3. 'Deadpool' (Tim Miller, 2016)

This was simply a given. Yes, this movie is even better than 1986's Howard The Duck. Thanks to relentless ambition and years of planning, Deadpool finally came to fruition, and might I say, it did NOT disappoint. While it does contain an origin story, it presents it in an interesting way, providing a good balance of the merc's foul mouthed antics and an emotionally driven backstory. The on-screen chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin is completely believable, making the stakes of the film feel relatable even if it has some of the same tropes that most people complain about.

2. 'Oldboy' (Chan-wook Park, 2003)

Although technically based on a manga, I just couldn't resist adding this movie. Oldboy is a work of art, perfectly crafted from beginning to end. It is extremely psychologically challenging, (graphic violence, and I mean GRAPHIC, be warned.) This movie is quite disturbing, but it takes the revenge plot to new heights. It is definitely a film to be appreciated, and is an absolute must watch. My recommendation is to keep this one off your date night list, and by all means, keep away from the remake. The original is where you want to be.

1. 'Dredd' (Pete Travis, 2012)

This should not come as a surprise. At first glance, this movie seemed to be a typical cash grabbing reboot. However, it quickly proved to be much more. First of all, they made their slow-mo shots actually mean something. There was a real reason behind why they moved in slow motion! It had a fantastic villain, and Dredd is a complete badass. He isn't shown without his helmet off, making him more of a threatening symbol. Judge, Jury, Executioner. (Sounds pretty awesome to me.) The best part of this movie is that it doesn't try to make itself more than what it is, a huge action packed popcorn movie. It's well crafted and entertaining, earning this movie the number one spot for me.

What's your favorite R-rated movie? Let me know in the comments below.


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