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Let's face it. Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens was in fact, a good movie. It can be argued that it's simply a rehash of A New Hope, and sure the parallels can be drawn. But that's besides the point. With episodes 8 and 9 planned along with the slew of spin offs that will accompany them, Star Wars doesn't seem to be losing any momentum any time soon. So here we are, a few things we want to see in the upcoming Star Wars film!

1. Poe needs a leading role!

Poe Dameron was given instant chemistry with Finn in the film, and although Episode 8 will probably feature Luke and Rey for most of it, we'd like to see the other characters flesh out just as much as Rey. Prove to us that Poe isn't just the typical charismatic 'good at what he does' type of guy. We don't need more wasted cliches, we need great characters!

2. Rey? No relation.

Now I may be alone on this one, but there isn't a reason Rey absolutely needs to be related to anyone from the original movies. She doesn't need to be a Skywalker or a Kenobi! Rey is a powerful character and should be driven by other factors than simply being the daughter of a great Jedi. If that's the road they want to take this character's story arc, they may as well keep her past a mystery forever.

3. More Finn!

A character that certainly spawned some controversy when he was revealed to use a lightsaber in some of the movie's earlier promos, Finn proved to be a great character, although sometimes coming across as downright whimpy at times. He did however have some great on screen chemistry with Poe Dameron, and had a pretty interesting story fleshing itself out for him. I think there's a lot more that can be done with his character, is he going to be a force user or is he going to join the Resistance? Only time will tell!

4. The Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren were only mentioned briefly by the mysterious Snoke and seen in Rey's lightsaber vision. We want to know more about the potential badassery of this group. Were they trained by Luke before he disappeared? Can they all use the force? Will they play a larger part in the stories to come? Will they be more influential than Captain Phasma? I sure hope so!

5. The Untold Favorite!

Speaking of Phasma, the fan favorite was so poorly used in the film. She needs to be portrayed as more of a threat, not just giving up so easily as she did in Episode 7. Maybe it was all part of her plan? To let the heroes get close and catch them off guard? Whatever the case, Captain Phasma deserves her time to shine, General Hux can step down a few steps to make some room, I think we could all go for some more of the Captain.

6. Why, Luke!, Why!?

Luke Skywalker needs to come out of this exile of his and speak to his sister. He needs to come out and explain to us exactly what went down all those years ago, where did his teachings go astray? How did he come to find himself all alone in hiding? A powerful enough emotional scene between the Skywalker family could add some much needed seriousness to the film.

7. A moment of silence please?

The death of our beloved Han Solo was a shocker. Many people could have seen it coming as the events of that tragic scene unfolded before our very eyes. This scene that pierced the hearts of fans (and Chewie!) left us without much closure, as Leia hugs Rey instead of Chewie after they land. (Harsh right!, I mean you lose your best friend and his ex-wife hugs his newly met prodigy instead of you? Talk about bad blood) I'm not saying we need a huge funeral in the next movie, but can we please acknowledge the death a bit more? It's not every day we lose a beloved character like Han Solo.


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