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I had never heard about Eddie Edwards, nor have I ever cared about Ski Jumping or the Winter Olympics. But after see this movie, I felt the need to Google it!

"Eddie the Eagle" starts off your typical kid with a Forrest Gump brace on leg, and ends up being the kind of guy that would make Rocky Balboa proud. Eddie is played by Taron Egerton ("Kingsman") and Hugh Jackman has his Jump Coach.

It moves quick with us seeing his pitfalls as a child, then a teenager, then a young man. I thought doing this was a bad idea, because usually we needed a backstory to care about him as a person. But it wasn't necessary.

It was about Eddie, but it was more about Eddie's passion and determination to reach a goal, one goal... To be in the Olympics. After trying and failing so many times (and hearing his father's constant put downs), he found his way in. Instead of Skiing as his team sport, he decided to be the only athlete doing Ski Jumping.

"Wow. This is really high..."
"Wow. This is really high..."

Oh course, he's not good at it and it's very dangerous, but that doesn't matter. He has a goal and, to him, that's ALL that matters. During his journey, he stumbles across Bronson Peary played by Jackman who is reluctant and a drinker. Sort of like Mickie from Rocky, right?

Anyway, Bronson see that nothing is gonna stop Eddie from jumping and decides not to help him jump, but to teach him "how to land." And the whole time you're watching, you find yourself rooting for Eddie and you feel good.

PLUS, you will laugh! As unsupportive as his father is, you find him and his mother funny. Some parts of kinda weird and full of innuendo like Jackman comparing flying on skis with having an orgasm. But it all makes sense! Oddly enough, you'll find yourself saying "Bo Derek." The movie will explain...

Parts of this film is predictable, but who cares? We've all been there. Many of us has had someone (mostly family and strangers) tell us that we aren't good enough or that we can't do something, but we tried anyway. And failed. And sometimes we fail again.

Look at Hugh Jackman. He did a Rocky-esque movie about battling robots ("Real Steel") that some thought was stupid. But it wasn't stupid, REAL STEEL like EDDIE THE EAGLE is about perseverance. To continue even though there are naysayers and fighting against all the odds is the point of living.

EDDIE THE EAGLE is a feel good film about pushing yourself to succeed, having a passion for what want or what you love and not being afraid to crash & burn. It may be able a guy that not too many people have heard about, but it will make you respect him, and want to be more like him.


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