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Every Harry Potter fan wishes they could actually be a part of the wizarding world. There are somethings, more than others, that we all wish we could do. These are the top 5 things we wish could experience.

1. Get Sorted

Of course we can get sorted on the Pottermore site, but its not quite the same. If we were actually sorted by the hat it would mean so much more. He can see inside our heads and see parts of us that questions just can't. Are we courageous like Gryffindor? As brilliant as any Ravenclaw ever was? As accepting and friendly as Hufflepuff? Perhaps we are truly as cunning as Slytherin himself? We will never know for certain.

2. Quidditch

Yes, there are now teams of Quidditch for us muggles, but this too is not the same. The real thing would be immensely greater! Flying high above the crowds as you scan for the a glimpse of the golden snitch, or you race across the sky to score with the quaffle. This is something I would love to actually do! Maybe the reason I suck at all other sports is because I was born to play Quidditch?

3. Magical Classes

Wouldn't we all love to attend Hogwarts' classes? To sit in on a lesson about how to transfigure our pets into goblets? I'm quite good at chemistry, so maybe Potions class is more up my alley. There is something for everyone there at Hogwarts! Do you like animals? Well Hagrid has your back and can teach you how to handle magical creatures. As many fans have said, we would love magical homework. Who besides kids from magical backgrounds, like Ron, and lazy students, like Harry, would hate classes like this? No wonder Hermione loved classes and homework, I would too if I was her.

4. Patronuses

While I'm sure no one wants to be attacked by a Dementor, we would all like to know what would happen if we used the Patronus Charm. The animals are supposed to show our soul animal. So imagine that you are having a lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts and your Patronus is a stag/doe. Across the way, your crush is the same animal but the opposite gender. Not only do you now know what animal is your patronus, but you have potential found your soul mate. Great things can happen when you're a wizard. If only muggles could see theirs, I wonder what mine would be.

5. Wizarding Mail

Most people don't really care about this but it matters to me. Now back when this all started, using the internet as an adolescent was not very common, so snail mail was used usually. Now, if I were not a muggle I could use a fantastic owl to send my mail. No more waiting for the post man to come and deliver my packages or having to write down addresses. Somehow the owls instinctively know where to go after just telling them a name. That is tons better than a mail man I don't care what you say.

As a huge Harry Potter fan these are some of the things I personally wish i could enjoy. J.K. Rowling has enchanted us with a world we can only truly experience in the movies and books. For that we love her even though we'll never get to experience these things first hand.

So as a child we all dreamed of being a witch or wizard and going to Hogwarts. These are just the few of many things we wish could have done. Alas, we can only dream.


Which of these things do you wish you could have done?


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